Which year was Garissa attack?


Which year was Garissa attack?

April 2, 2015Garissa University College attack / Start date

What happened at Garissa University?

On 3 April 2015, four gunmen stormed Kenya’s Garissa University College and began firing indiscriminately. The attackers singled out and shot those identified as Christians as they roamed from building to building. By the end, 148 people had been killed – mostly students.

How many died in Garissa attack?

148Garissa University College attack / Number of deaths

What caused the Wagalla massacre?

The Wagalla massacre was the result of an effort to disarm ethnic Somali clans in the north-east of the country. The government said that only 57 people were killed but survivors say close to 5,000 people died.

What happened in El Adde?

Estimates suggest that over 170 Kenyan military personnel were killed and about a dozen taken hostage. Internal AMISOM documents suggest the El Adde base was garrisoned by just over 200 Kenya Defence Forces personnel. The militants also captured dozens of military vehicles and a range of weaponry and ammunition.

When was Garissa University established?

Garissa University was founded in 2011 as a constituent college of Moi University, in the facilities of the former Garissa Teachers Training College. The school’s library was established in 1996, as a resource for the former teacher training college. It was later staffed in 2006.

How many people died in Wagalla massacre?

5,000Wagalla massacre / Number of deaths

When was Wagalla massacre?

February 10, 1984Wagalla massacre / Start date
That is how the Wagalla Massacre took place. The survivors’ stories are almost unbelievable. One survivor says that he had never stepped into Wajir town before 9 February 1984.

Is Garissa University chartered?

Garissa University was granted a Charter for a fully-fledged university status on 23/10/2017 by President Uhuru Kenyatta. The Vice-Chancellor is Prof.

Who is the VC of Garissa University?

Prof Ahmed Osman Warfa
Vice chancellor // Garissa University is headed by Prof Ahmed Osman Warfa who is the Vice chancellor as well as the CEO of Garissa University.