What is mean by a N in BTS?


What is mean by a N in BTS?

A/N means “Author’s Note.”

What is full word of N A?

not applicable — often written as N/A.

What does na mean on text?

“Not Applicable” is the most common definition for N/A on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. N/A. Definition: Not Applicable.

What does N a mean on Wattpad?

N/A = Not Applicable.

What does NA stand for in servers?

NA is north america DE is Germany aka Deutschland and EN is Europe english.

What does TN mean in messaging?

Tn is an abbreviation for “tonight” and is typically seen in text messages and online. It is often used for making plans that are going to happen that night.

What Au means in fanfiction?

alternative universe
An alternative universe (also known as AU, alternate universe, alternative timeline, alternate timeline, alternative reality, or alternate reality) is a setting for a work of fan fiction that departs from the canon of the fictional universe that the fan work is based on.

What does the word Suga mean in Korean?

수가 means “a medical charge”, but if you’re asking about 슈가 (BTS singer), it’s just a name or Korean way to say “sugar”.

Are NA and NA the same?

N/A is short for not available or non applicable. The N/A abbreviation is used to fill in a blank portion of a form, chart, or another document. 2. NA is also an acronym sometimes used for North American.

How do you write some NA?

Member. I’ve seen n/a, N/A, NA, etc. According to the Wikipedia article entitled “Manual of Style (abbreviations)”, N/A is the only one that is proper; however, according to the Wikipedia article entitled “n/a” (“Not applicable” redirects to “n/a”), all of the other forms are also acceptable.

What does NA mean in data output?

N/A means “no value available” or “not available.”

What is TN abbreviation?

Tennessee, US (postal abbreviation “TN”)

What is a TN?

Definition. TN. Tennessee (US postal abbreviation) TN. Ton.