Which country has highest population growth rate in the world?


Which country has highest population growth rate in the world?

The Syrian Arab Republic would have the highest population growth rate of 4.43% in 2021. Among the top ten fastest-growing countries/regions, nine are located in Africa and one in Asia. Seven countries have growth rates above 3%.

What country has the highest population growth rate 2020?

Country Comparison > Population growth rate

Rank Country Population growth rate (%)
1 Syria 4.64
2 Niger 3.66
3 Angola 3.4
4 Benin 3.39

Which country has least population growth?

Countries With Shrinking Populations

Rank Country 2015-20 Population Growth (%)
1 Lithuania -1.483
2 Latvia -1.148
3 Venezuela -1.125
4 Bosnia and Herzegovina -0.886

What will be the most populous country in 2050?

India, which will surpass China as the world’s most populous nation by 2023, is projected to have a population of 1.668 billion in 2050, way ahead of China’s 1.317 billion people by the middle of the century.

Which country’s population is declining?

The biggest absolute population decline between 2015 and 2050 will happen in China, followed by Japan and Russia. When it comes to relative population decline European countries are in the lead: Bulgaria first, followed by Latvia, Moldova, Ukraine, Croatia and Lithuania.

What Day will the population hit 8 billion?


Population Year Years elapsed since previous milestone
5 billion 1987 13
6 billion 1999 12
7 billion 2011 12
8 billion 2023 12

Which countries have a negative birth rate?

The fertility rate is the average number of children born per woman of child-bearing age in a country….The 20 countries with the lowest fertility rates in 2021.

Characteristic Number of children per woman
Taiwan 1.07
South Korea 1.09
Singapore 1.15
Macau 1.21

Which country’s population growth is negative?

Top 20 Countries with the Fastest Population Decline 2020-2050 (United Nations 2019)

Rank Country Decline 2020-2050
1 Bulgaria 22.5%
2 Lithuania 22.1%
3 Latvia 21.6%
4 Ukraine 19.5%