Where is the Scientology ranch?


Where is the Scientology ranch?

Gold Base
Location 19908-19998 Gilman Springs Rd, San Jacinto, Riverside County, California, U.S.
Construction started 1978
Owner Church of Scientology

Where is gold Base in Riverside County?

San Jacinto
The international headquarters of Church of Scientology, also called the Gold Base or Int Base,1 is located on a 500-acre parcel of land in San Jacinto in Riverside County, California. The Church of Scientology purchased the site, a former resort used by celebrities, in 1978.

Where does Nathan rich live?

Since moving to China, Rich has started a video blog sympathetic to the People’s Republic of China. Among the views he holds are that those who had taken part in the Hong Kong protests were “terrorists” and “right-wing”, and that Taiwan was an integral part of China and could therefore not be a state.

Where is the Freewinds ship now?

The vessel is currently at port ARUBA, AW after a voyage of 6 hours, 48 minutes originating from port WILLEMSTAD, CW….FREEWINDS.

Flag Vessel Name Last Reported
BOHEME 1985-12-31 UTC

When did Shelly Miscavige go missing?

August 2007
Then, in August 2007, she was suddenly gone. Without a trace. Since that time, there has been fevered intrigue and speculation as to her whereabouts—among outsiders, anyway. Sources say that church members rarely ask about her, because to ask nosy questions is to invite consequences of the sort that befell Remini.

Who created the E meter?

Volney Mathison
Although Hubbard’s name is on the patent application, the E-meter was actually invented by a chiropractor named Volney Mathison, and was originally called the Mathison Model B Electropsychometer. Mathison also marketed a cheaper Mathison Quiz Meter and a manuscript on “Electropsychometry” by L. Ron Hubbard and himself.

How old is Nathan Rich?

40 years (February 13, 1982)Nathan Rich / Age

Who owns Freewinds yacht?


Freewinds berthed at Aruba
Name 1968–1985: Bohème 1985–onwards: Freewinds
Owner 1968–1981: Wallenius Bremen 1981–1985: Hanseatic Caribbean Shipping Co 1985 onwards: San Donato Properties Corporation