What was Ferdinand goal?


What was Ferdinand goal?

CLASS. As captain of one of the first fleet of ships to travel around the world, Ferdinand Magellan’s goal was to find a travel route westward from Spain to the Spice Islands. Magellan changed the course of history and human civilization through his voyages.

How many goals does Rio Ferdinand have?

eight goals
Ferdinand made 455 appearances for the Reds and scored eight goals, winning six Premier League titles, one European Cup, a FIFA Club World Cup and two League Cups.

What is Rio Ferdinand famous for?

Rio Gavin Ferdinand OBE (born 7 November 1978) is an English former professional footballer who played as a centre-back, and is now a television pundit for BT Sport. He played 81 times for the England national team between 1997 and 2011, and was a member of three FIFA World Cup squads.

What were Ferdinand Magellan’s motives?

Led by explorer Ferdinand Magellan, the armada’s goal was to reach the Spice Islands of Maluku (in the Indonesian archipelago) and open a new trading route for Spain. A modern replica of the Victoria, one of the ships in Magellan’s fleet. Thus began the first recorded trip around the globe.

What were Ferdinand Magellan accomplishments?

During his renowned voyage, Magellan became the first European to navigate the Strait of Magellan; to cross the Pacific Ocean; and to reach the Philippine archipelago. His expedition which went on to circumnavigate the globe added immensely to European knowledge about the world.

How many trophies did Rio Ferdinand win?

14 trophies
Ferdinand went from West Ham to Leeds to Manchester United, breaking the transfer record both times and he’d eventually captain the Red Devils and win 14 trophies himself.

Has Rio Ferdinand scored for England?

Rio Ferdinand scores for England at 2002 World Cup.

Who is the greatest defender in Premier League history?

John Terry
The 15 greatest defenders in Premier League history have been revealed and it’s John Terry who tops the rankings, according to Squawka.

How many trophies did Ferdinand win?

How did Ferdinand Magellan change the Philippines?

Magellan’s arrival in the Philippines paved the way for Spanish rule, introduced Christianity to the islands, and still lives on in the stories and cultural practices of the Filipino people.

Who is better Terry or Ferdinand?

Both players possess irreplaceable leadership qualities on the pitch, both can be relied on for top-notch defending, but one is more well-rounded than the other. Terry has the edge over Ferdinand in the battle of two wily English veterans who are sure to be around for a few more years.

Who was better Rio or Terry?

Terry also won the PFA Player of the Year, which really is the big one, in the 2004/05 season and won three UEFA Defender of the Year awards, while making four appearances in the UEFA Team of the Season. As far as individual recognition goes, Terry wins this one hands down.

How much did Man U buy Rio Ferdinand?

The £30 million fee paid by United again broke the British transfer record. Spending 12 years in Manchester, he won six Premier League titles, three League Cups, 1 European Cup and 1 World Club Cup, again captaining the side on many occasions.