What material is used for poster frames?


What material is used for poster frames?

POSTERS– For most posters or open editions, you need a basic metal or wood frame, a foam-core backing and at least regular clear glass. Many posters will require permanent mounting to keep them flat.

What is an acrylic frame?

Acrylic is a glass alternative that has gained popularity as a framing material. You may know it as Acrylite® or Plexiglas®, which are brands of the same thermoplastic scientifically known as Polymethyl Methacrylate (aka PMMA). It’s hard, flexible, lightweight, and even recyclable.

Will acrylic frames break?

Acrylic, also known as plexiglass, is a type of shatter-resistant, flexible plastic — this material is strong and unlikely to break, whereas glass is easily damaged and potentially dangerous. Acrylic also tends to be even more transparent than glass.

Which is better glass or acrylic?

Acrylic is more robust than glass and about ten to twenty times more resistant to strokes. Therefore, acrylic is the clear winner of the durability debate with glass, which easily cracks and breaks. Acrylic also shatters in large pieces with blunt edges, compared to glass that shatters in typically smaller pieces.

What is acrylic mount?

Acrylic face mounting is a process that involves applying an optically clear adhesive to the face of the print then adhering the print to acrylic, otherwise known as plexiglass.

Is acrylic good for picture frames?

Is Acrylic or Glass Better for Framing? Both glass and acrylic for picture frames offer a high level of protection for your artwork and photos. Also, both UV acrylic and glass are available to provide additional safeguards against UV rays. Ultimately, the choice may come down to personal preference.

How do I protect a large poster?

Using Bookkeeper deacidification spray you can protect posters without compromising the inks. Bookkeeper is simply applied using a spray bottle, uniformly spraying the poster from around 150mm on both sides. The process uses no water, solvents or propellants and is safe for use on movie posters.

How do you mount acrylic?


  1. Decide what size acrylic you need.
  2. Buy acrylic and an acrylic cutter at a Home Depot or Lowe’s (they can also cut it for you instead)
  3. Lay art out on acrylic (use a level to make sure it’s all even)
  4. Use glue dots to stick art to acrylic (it will not ruin the art –it peels right off)
  5. Tape rope to back of acrylic.