What is an amine alkylation reaction?


What is an amine alkylation reaction?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Amine alkylation (amino-de-halogenation) is a type of organic reaction between an alkyl halide and ammonia or an amine. The reaction is called nucleophilic aliphatic substitution (of the halide), and the reaction product is a higher substituted amine.

What is the best method for mono-alkylation of ammonia?

An efficient, general procedure for highly chemoselective reductive mono-alkylation of ammonia with ketones is reported. Treatment of ketones with ammonia in ethanol and titanium (IV) isopropoxide, followed by in situ sodium borohydride reduction, and a straightforward workup afforded primary amines in good to excellent yields.

Is N-alkylation of amines with alcohols environmentally friendly?

The N-alkylation of amines with alcohols to give higher order amines has been also attracted considerable attention as an environmentally friendly synthetic method of alkyl amines [1], [2].

What is an example of an alkylating reaction?

The reactions are complicated by the tendency of the product (a primary amine or a secondary amine) to react with the alkylating agent. For example, reaction of 1-bromooctane with ammonia yields almost equal amounts of the primary amine and the secondary amine.

What is the alkylation of phenol with cyclohexanol?

The alkylation of phenol with cyclohexanol as the alkylating agent can be carried out efficiently over large-pore zeolites to selectively yield p-cyclohexyl phenol [11]. … Anad et al. reported liquid-phase alkylation of phenol with cyclohexene or cyclohexanol as alkylating agents over HeY zeolites.

What are the products of oxygen-removal reactions with cyclohexanone?

Oxygen-removal reactions are indicated by products including benzene, cyclohexene, and cyclohexene. Bimolecular reactions involving cyclohexanone and/or products of its conversion led to the formation of bicyclic C12 compounds, with 2-cyclohexylcyclohexan-1-one and 2-phenylphenol being the most abundant.