What is the difference between a 58 and 59 Les Paul?


What is the difference between a 58 and 59 Les Paul?

’57 Les Pauls were the first to use humbuckers, had a thick neck, and Gold top finishes. ’58s introduced the sunburst and thinned the neck. ’59s hit the sweet spot with their neck profile, bigger frets, hotter pickups, and heavily figured tops. The ’60s kept the specs from the ’59s but thinned the neck even further.

How thick is a 1959 Les Paul neck?

The ES-Les Paul ’59 Neck is the ultra-lightweight answer to a 1959 Tobacco Sunburst Les Paul, only with the added bonus of having ES-semi-hollowbody construction!…

Thickness at Fret 1: 22.86 mm / .900″
Thickness at Fret 12: 25.40 mm / 1.000″
Other Materials: Franklin Titebond 50
Average Weight: 544.31 g / 1.2 lbs

What is a 59 neck?

Taken from a sampling of good feeling 59 necks it is commonly agreed that it is somewhat C-shaped with small shoulders and varied between 0.860″ and 0.895″ under the first fret, and 0.960″ and 0.995″ under the 12th.

What is slim taper neck?

Slim Taper necks are thinner D-shaped necks with wider shoulders than the ’50s style ones. They were designed to be more comfortable and reduce player fatigue. Although it comes down to personal preference, many players refer to the Slim Taper neck as the most playable Les Paul neck.

How thick is the mahogany on a Les Paul?

roughly 46-47mm
Les Pauls are generally made from solid mahogany, and the body is thick, measuring roughly 46-47mm at the edge (slightly more at the centre of the carved top). Mahogany imparts a thick tone to begin with, so the sheer amount of wood plays a part here!

What are the Gibson Les Paul neck sizes?

Gibson Les Paul Neck sizes: ’57,’58,’59,’60…rank thickness, please…. I need a little help on figuring neck size, girth, thickness… (however you wish to define it), on Gibson Les Paul Historic Reissues.

What is the difference between a 1958 and a 1959 Les Paul?

The 1958 Les Paul Standard Reissue features all the painstaking historic construction methods of the famous ’59 Reissues with a few historically-accurate spec differences that allow it to stand on its own. Like the 1958 originals, it has narrow frets which help more of the fingerboard wood to be heard in the tone profile.

What do you think about a 57 ri neck?

I used to have a ’57 RI and always thought the neck was HUGE. That appeals to some. I have a 60s profile on a LP and SG, which is very nice, though less stable on the SG, the LP is solid. In comparison, I prefer beefier (but not huge) necks like those on the VHR’62 Strat, EJ Strat, PRS Wide-Fat, and the ’52 RI necks.

Is that a 58 or a 59 Beatles Guitar?

However, Andy Babiuk, author of the formidable tomes Beatles Gear and Rolling Stones Gear, has documented that particular instrument and designated it a ’59. Inspection by Hard Rock guitar tech Kip Elder reaffirms it is indeed a ’58. “I went over it with a fine-toothed comb,” said Elder.