What happens at a TaylorMade fitting day?


What happens at a TaylorMade fitting day?

Experience a fitting like a true professional. Conducted by a TaylorMade Certified Custom Fit expert you will be fitted into the latest TaylorMade equipment through new state-of-the-art launch monitors. Our fitters will look at your full swing and analyse how our equipment can optimise your performance.

How much does a TaylorMade fitting cost UK?


How much does a full TaylorMade fitting cost?

around $400
The cost of a full bag fitting is around $400 and specific clubs cost less. Expect it to take a couple hours, depending on how many clubs you are getting fit for. Also if you place an order you get a discount off your clubs based on the amount you sped.

What are golf demo days?

Demo Days are Fun and Very Useful to Golfers A “demo day” in golf is a scheduled event at which golfers in attendance have the chance to try different golf clubs and equipment. It’s an event, to put it another way, at which golf club companies demonstrate their equipment to golfers.

Is driver fitting worth it?

A proper driver fitting should lead to a noticeable change in the playability, feel and overall performance of the club. And, to dispel one common misconception, a golf club fitting isn’t just for advanced players.

Is TaylorMade fitting free?

Booking with myFittingExp is simple, convenient, and FREE. Find a TaylorMade Fitting Event near you and take your game to the next level.

How long does it take to get fitted clubs from TaylorMade?

How long does it take to get my custom clubs after I’ve placed an order? If all necessary components are in stock, most custom orders are assembled and shipped within 3-4 business days.

Does Pxg do demo days?

Mizuno, Nickent, Nike, Tour Edge, Bridgestone Golf, and Adams Golf do not have demo days listed on their site. There are many high-end golf brands such as Miaura, Honma PXG, and XXIO which have hit the market who sell premium golf clubs.

Why can’t I hit my new driver?

But the new, longer drivers require a ball position that is more forward — off the left instep (pictured right) — which gives the clubface more time to square up. If your ball position is too far back it will make your swing bottom out too early.

How long does it take to get fitted clubs from Taylormade?

Can you bend TaylorMade irons?

If I remember right, plus or minus 2 degrees is about all you can go on Taylormade’s cast clubs. You can always shoot them an email for verification. They may even bend them for you for a small fee.

Where can I get fitted for TaylorMade equipment?

Available every day of the year at over 900 locations across Europe, our Select Fit Partners are available to offer you an excellent opportunity to trial and be fitted for TaylorMade golf equipment.

Why book a TaylorMade custom fit experience?

Book your Custom Fit experience today for an in-depth fitting analysis of your game and equipment and allow our TaylorMade trained experts to help you take your game to the next level.

Which countries are included in the TaylorMade Golf Tour?

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Why book an appointment at a TaylorMade Performance Lab?

Book an appointment at your nearest TaylorMade Performance Lab to experience a level of club fitting that is unrivalled in the industry. With our performance labs, you will discover a new way to experience your game through equipment that has been precision-fit specifically for you.