What is mokume made of?


What is mokume made of?

Mokume gane (mow-koo-may gone-ay) is a laminated metal, made out of non-ferrous (no iron) metal. It is believed to have been first created about 300 years ago in Japan. At this time, Japanese sword making was the highest art form in the country, and mokume-gane was developed to decorate the hilt of the sword.

What is mokume steel?

Mokume-gane (木目金) is a Japanese metalworking procedure which produces a mixed-metal laminate with distinctive layered patterns; the term is also used to refer to the resulting laminate itself.

What is mokume pattern?

Mokume-gane (Mokumegane) is a Japanese metalworking technique in which varying colored layers of precious metal are alloyed together to create a sandwich or a “billet”. Mokume gane translates to “wood eye metal” which reflects the wood grain patterning admired by the Japanese craftsmen.

What is the difference between mokume Gane and Damascus?

Damascus Steel refers to material that is made like this using iron alloys (i.e. steel and stainless steel). Mokume Gane refers to patterned metals that contain only non-ferrous metals, or alloys other than those containing iron.

Can you use brass in mokume gane?

The brass will liquefy and run out from between the copper, effectively ruining your mokume-gane. Side note: Copper melts at around 1080°C (1976°F) and yellow brass (which is an alloy of copper and zinc) has a melting point around 930°C (1710°F).

Can you resize mokume gane ring?

Most of the time mokume rings can be resized. If the ring includes inlay, it cannot be resized. When mokume is resized the pattern will change.

Can you resize mokume gane rings?

Most of the time mokume rings can be resized. If the ring includes inlay, it cannot be resized.

Does Damascus steel wear off?

The damascus is scratch resistant and won’t degrade or corrode over time. Keep in mind, there are historic damascus swords that date back centuries! Some wedding bands require routine maintenance like diamond rings to check the stones and prongs.

Do Damascus rings rust?

Most Damascus steel rings are built with longevity in mind but some are susceptible to rust. There’s a huge variety of steel that can be used to craft the Damascus ring. The last thing you want to have on your wedding day is a finger lined with brown rust or tarnished steel.

Can you solder mokume gane?

Using mokume gane is no different to making jewellery with silver or copper. You can cut, polish and solder it exactly as you would with these metals.

How do you clean mokume?

Clean using mild dish soap and a very soft toothbrush. If the silver should become discolored (usually from pool chemicals), make a creamy paste of baking soda and water and rub over the surface with your fingers or a soft toothbrush.

Can you shower with a Damascus steel ring?

Don’t wear your rings in chemically treated water (hot tubs, pools, shower) and never wear any jewelry in salt water.

How do you make a mokume Gane pattern?

The first and most basic way to pattern mokume gane is the punch, or repousse, method. By punching up a relief on the surface of the sheet and then filing, or sanding, the surface flat, you will expose a pattern of the internal layers. For this, you will need a pitch bowl and a variety of punches.