What is a Looniest?


What is a Looniest?

a foolish or insane person.

What is the meaning of Dorkiness?

slang. : foolishly stupid : clueless.

What is a Looney person?

looney Add to list Share. Definitions of looney. someone deranged and possibly dangerous. synonyms: crazy, loony, nutcase, weirdo. type of: lunatic, madman, maniac.

Is loony bin offensive?

This word is not politically correct, so many people might find it offensive. A more politically correct term is “mental-care facility”.

Is locky a word?

No, locky is not in the scrabble dictionary.

What is another word for dorky?

What is another word for dorky?

stupid dumb
dense foolish
brainless mindless
obtuse unintelligent
unsmart dull

What does dork mean in Tagalog?

“Dork” is a word in TAGALOG dork TAGALOG. dork. Definition: Tagalog slang for someone who lacks the ability to court a girl or how to talk to a girl; from American slang dork. 2. Definition: (salitang balbal) torpe sa babae.

Is Looney a real word?

1. Extremely foolish or silly. 2. Mentally deranged; crazy.

Is Loony a real word?

adjective, loon·i·er, loon·i·est. lunatic; insane. extremely or senselessly foolish. noun, plural loon·ies.

Where did the term looney bin come from?

loony (adj.) 1), the bird being noted for its wild cry and method of escaping from danger. As a noun by 1884, from the adjective. Slang loony bin “insane asylum” is by 1909. Looney left in reference to holders of political views felt to be left-wing in the extreme is from 1977.

What is another name for the loony bin?

In this page you can discover 24 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for loony-bin, like: funny-farm, booby-hatch, bughouse, nuthouse, bedlam, insane-asylum, laughing academy, lunatic-asylum, madhouse, mental health institution and mental-institution.

What does the name Lonny mean?

The name Lonny is primarily a male name of English origin that means Laurel.

Is dork a good thing?

By the late 60s, American college students had extended the meaning of dork to refer to a socially awkward person. While at first this sense of dork carried pejorative connotations, the term has since been “taken back” by the people it once so cruelly described, and now can even be given as a compliment.

What’s the opposite of dorky?

What is the opposite of dork?

charmer enthusiast
exciter gentleman

What is another word for Looney?

Looney synonyms Mentally deranged; crazy. An insane or eccentric person; a. A crazy or eccentric person. (Slang) A strange, odd, eccentric.

Why do we call people loony?

The “loon” that means “a crazy, foolish or silly person” comes from the Middle English “loun.” Originally, this “loon,” which entered English in the 1400s, meant “a lout, idler, rogue,” and later this negative definition was extended to mean “a crazy person or simpleton.”

How do you spell looney bin?

Loony-bin synonyms An institution for the mentally ill. (Archaic) An insane asylum.