How to get selected row data from jqGrid?


How to get selected row data from jqGrid?

jqGrid({ // Grid create options -> datatype: ‘local’, data: gridData, // <– onSelectRow: function(id){ data = $(this). jqGrid(“getLocalRow”, id); // if you need actual content of the cells // data = myGrid. jqGrid(“getRowData”, id); } });

How do I highlight a row in jqGrid?

1 Answer. Show activity on this post. jQuery(‘#tab_Categorize’). jqGrid(‘setSelection’, ‘123’);

How to get column value in jqGrid?

var myGrid = $(‘#list’); var rowID = myGrid. jqGrid (‘getGridParam’, ‘selrow’); var cellVal = myGrid. jqGrid (‘getCell’, rowID, ‘colName’); Where colName is the name of column for which you want to find value for that, which you gave to your column in the colModel.

How do I find the selected row in kendo grid?

To get the dataItem for each selected row:

  1. In the change event handler, get and save the rows in a variable by using the select method.
  2. Loop through the rows by using the each jQuery method.
  3. Get every row data by using the dataItem method.
  4. Push the dataItem to an array.

How do I get Kendo grid row data?

Get dataItem of KendoGrid base grid selected row

  1. var grid = $( “#grid” ).data( ‘kendoGrid’ );
  2. var row =;
  3. if (! ‘.k-master-row’ )) {
  4. row = row.closest( “.k-master-row” );
  5. }
  6. const selected = this .grid.dataItem(row);
  7. return selected? selected.Id : undefined;
  8. }

How do I highlight a selected row in kendo grid?

When selection is enabled in the Grid component, the built-in option for deselecting a row or selecting multiple rows is Ctrl + click. To deselect a row or select multiple rows by row clicking and without holding the Ctrl key, use the following approach.

How do I get column values in kendo grid?

4 Answers

  1. var gridDataArray = $( ‘#myGrid’ ).data( ‘kendoGrid’ )._data;
  2. var columnDataVector = [];
  3. var columnName = ‘aFieldInModel’ ;
  4. for ( var index=0; index
  5. columnDataVector[index] = gridDataArray[index][columnName];
  6. };
  7. alert(columnDataVector);

How do I get the selected row in kendo grid?

How does Kendo grid display JSON data?

  1. function successUnassignedlJSON(data) {
  2. var jsonObject = JSON. parse(data. body);
  3. var jsonResults = jsonObject. d. results;
  4. $( ‘#ValueWorkItems’ ). html(jsonResults. length);
  5. $( “#grid” ).kendoGrid({

How to get the selected row ID of a jqgrid?

Use “selrow” to get the selected row Id. var myGrid = $(‘#myGridId’); var selectedRowId = myGrid.jqGrid(“getGridParam”, ‘selrow’); and then use getRowData to get the selected row at index selectedRowId.

How to get cell value from selected row in a grid?

First you can get the rowid of the selected row with respect of getGridParam method and ‘selrow’ as the parameter and then you can use getCell to get the cell value from the corresponding column: The ‘columnName’ should be the same name which you use in the ‘name’ property of the colModel.

How to get object from clicked row in jQuery?

If you want the jQuery object (if a match is found) you’ll need to return it within your getRow () function: function getRow () { return $ (‘table > tbody > tr.highlight’); } Show activity on this post. Since you’re adding .higlight class into clicked rows, then find it using those class :

How to get last selected rowid first in getrowdata method?

It’s very simple. The second optional option parameter of getRowData method is rowid of the row which data is requested (see the documentation ). So you can use to get last selected rowid first and then get the data of the row by