How much does it cost to hunt Coues deer in Arizona?


How much does it cost to hunt Coues deer in Arizona?

Coues Deer Hunt Options # Days Rate
Rifle Coues Deer, Non-Rut: (2 on 1) up to 4* $3,450.00/person
Rifle Coues Deer, Non-Rut: (1 on 1) up to 4* $3,950.00/person
Rifle Coues Deer, Dec. RUT: (1 on 1) up to 5* $4,750.00/person
January Archery Coues Deer (2on1) up to 5* $3,400.00/person

How much does it cost to hunt San Carlos elk?

Q: “What do elk tags cost?” A: Non-Indians may hunt elk from various game units of the San Carlos Apache reservation at prices that start at $550 for antlerless elk, increase to $2,500 for Malay Gap region elk, and top out at $20,000 for the bow or firearm Fall seasons at the renowned Dry Lake and Hilltop herds.

How much does a San Carlos elk tag cost?

Our winter elk guide packages includes up to 4 days of guided services. A Tribal winter elk tag of $4,500 is required for the Malay Gap hunt. This cost is in addition to our guiding services.

Where can I hunt Coues deer in Arizona?

southeastern mountains
Coues deer are most common in Arizona’s southeastern mountains, but range up on to the Mogollon Rim and into the White Mountains. They are most abundant in areas of predictable summer precipitation. They prefer woodlands of chaparral, oak, and pine with interspersed clearings.

How much is a non-resident Coues deer tag in Arizona?

A non-resident license costs $160 and is valid 365 days from the date of purchase. That’s only 44 cents a day!

Is San Carlos Reservation open?

Open 24 hours a day, every day, the Apache Gold Casino & Resort features state-of-the-art video and reel slot machines and progressives, Black Jack “21” and bingo.

How much is an Arizona Coues deer tag?

Remember, the regulations do not speak of the Coues deer. Such hunts are listed under the white-tailed only hunts. A deer tag for a non-resident is $300.00 plus a $15.00 application fee. A non-resident hunting and fishing combination permit is an additional $160.00 and is required.

How do I apply for Coues deer in Arizona?

The Arizona coues deer draw takes place annually in May, the next draw deadline is June 14th, 2022. Don’t miss it! Contact us for any application or hunt questions. AZGF hunting license can be purchase and you can apply for the AZ draw on online at website.