How many tribes are there in Pashtun?


How many tribes are there in Pashtun?

They are traditionally divided into four tribal confederacies: the Sarbani (سړبني), the Bettani (بېټني), the Gharghashti (غرغښتي) and the Karlani (کرلاڼي).

What is the main religion of the people in the Swat Valley?

1,811 people in the district were from religious minorities.. Swat is mostly inhabited by Pashtuns who make up 90.78% of the population. The dominant tribe is the Yusufzai tribe. The language spoken in the valley is Pashto (mainly the Yousafzai dialect)….Demographics.

Year Pop. ±% p.a.
2017 2,308,624 +3.25%

What are Yousafzai Pathans?

The Yusufzai or Yousafzai (Pashto: یوسفزی, pronounced [jusəpˈzay]), also referred to as the Esapzai (ايسپزی, pronounced [iːsəpˈzay]), or “Yusufzai Afghans” historically, are one of the largest tribes of ethnic Pashtuns.

Is Yusufzai a Pathan?

Yousafzai is a Pushto-speaking Pathan tribe inhabiting the northern province of Pakistan who claim to be descendants of the prophet Yousaf (Joseph).

When did Taliban leave Swat?

The Taliban, based in Imam Dherai, took control of the entire Swat Valley and held power until the Pakistani military retook the area in 2009. But nearly a decade later, the soldiers remain.

What countries border Swat Pakistan?

Pakistan has a varied landscape made up of forests, deserts, plateaus, and hills. Pakistan borders four countries: India, Afghanistan, Iran, and China. The total land border has a length of approximately 4,344.1 miles.

Does Niazi speak Pashto?

The Niazi (Pashto: نيازي, Niāzī; IPA: [niːˈɑːziː]), Niazai, Nyazi, Nyazai, Niyazi or Niyazai is one of the largest Pashtun tribes which resides in Afghanistan and North-Western Pakistan….

Location Afghanistan, Pakistan
Parent tribe Lodi
Language Pashto, Punjabi, Hindko
Religion Islam

Who are SWAT Swati?

Swatis are a Pashtun tribe mostly inhabiting the Hazara Division of Khyber Pakhtunkhawa, Pakistan. The tribe is mostly agriculturist and is the biggest proprietor in Mansehra (Garhiyan Villages and Feudal Tanawal excluded) and Battagram districts.

Who are the Pashtun tribes of Pakistan?

They are mainly members of the Pashtun Kakar tribe. Today, they continue to speak Pashto and celebrate Pashtun culture through the Attan dance. There is also a minority of Pashtun Sikhs in some tribal areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, including in Tirah, Orakzai, Kurram, Malakand, and Swat.

Who makes decisions in Pashtuns’ tribal life?

Most decisions in tribal life are made by members of the jirgá ( Pashto: جرګه ), which has been the main institution of authority that the largely egalitarian Pashtuns willingly acknowledge as a viable governing body.

Who are the Pashtuns?

For ease of understanding, this essay will use the term “Pashtun” when talking about the ethnic Pashtun people in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Also, the essay predominantly focuses on Pashtuns in Pakistan, especially those based in the former-Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA).