How do you use non plus?


How do you use non plus?

It’s the equivalent of the English statement “me neither” or “neither do I.” It literally translates to “me no more” and its register is normal. Note that moi can be replaced by a name, a noun, or another stressed pronoun: Pierre non plus – neither does Pierre, Pierre doesn’t either.

What is the opposite of Moi aussi?

Usage notes: Moi non plus is the opposite of moi aussi. They both agree with what someone just said, but moi aussi (me too) agrees with an affirmative statement, while moi non plus (me neither) agrees with a negative statement.

How do you use moi aussi in French?

– Me too. – Je préfère le livre. – Moi aussi. – I prefer the book….Essential French Expression.

Meaning me too, so do I
Register normal
Pronunciation [mwah oh see]
IPA [mwa o si]

What is Non Plus?

To nonplus is to baffle or confuse someone to the point that they have nothing to say. Something weird and mysterious can nonplus you, like a play that is performed entirely by chickens.

What means non plus ultra?

1 : the highest point capable of being attained : acme. 2 : the most profound degree of a quality or state.

What does Voudrais?

The meaning of “je voudrais” (pronounced: ʒə vudʀɛ) is “I would like”. For example: “Je voudrais un croissant” (I’d like a croissant) or “Je voudrais acheter” (I’d like to buy). J’aimerais also means I’d like in French. This lesson covers how to say “I’d like” in French.

How do you respond to Moi aussi?

The normal reply would be “Je t’aime aussi”, as Homosum said.

What is the meaning of Moi aussi in English?

Moi aussi Me too mst. Moi aussi me too mst.

What does plus ultra stand for?

Further beyond
Plus ultra (Latin: [pluːs ˈʊltraː], Spanish: [plus ˈultɾa], English: “Further beyond”) is a Latin phrase and the national motto of Spain.

What does moi non plus mean?

Moi Non Plus – French Expression Explained. The French expression moi non plus ​(pronounced [mwa no(n) plu]) expresses agreement with a negative statement. It’s the equivalent of the English statement “me neither” or “neither do I.”.

What is the meaning of Nonplus?

Nonplus, non′plus, n. a state in which no more can be done or said: great difficulty. Mr. and Mrs. Accleton were at somewhat of a nonplus as to the most feasible means of procuring the attendance of Sally.

What is Je t’aime…moi non plus?

Many English speakers around the world simply refer to Je T’aime…Moi Non Plus as the “Je T’aime song” or the “I love you song”. The song contains off color lyrics and indecent innuendos coupled with heavy breathing and panting.