How long is duck season in Minnesota?


How long is duck season in Minnesota?

Ducks, coots, mergansers

Zone Dates
North Sept. 25 – Nov. 23
Central Sept. 25 – Oct. 3; Oct. 9 – Nov. 28
South Sept. 25 – Oct. 3; Oct. 9 – Nov. 28

Is duck hunting open in Minnesota?

GENERAL WATERFOWL REGULATIONS An experimental teal season is open Sept. 4-8. Shooting hours end at sunset the entire season. During the September goose season, hunting over water is legal statewide.

What time can you shoot ducks in MN?

Shooting hours for sandhill crane, rail, snipe, ducks, coots, moorhens and mergansers and geese are ½ hour before sunrise to 4 p.m. from the opening day of duck season through Friday, October 4, and until sunset thereafter. See youth hunt and early goose season for additional hours.

How many geese can you shoot in MN?

Bag limits. The daily bag limit for ducks, mergansers, coots, and moorhens is as allowed by federal rule. The daily bag limit for geese is five Canada geese.

Where is the best place to duck hunt in Minnesota?

For the avid duck hunter or goose hunter, the The Pines Resort in Minnesota’s Northwoods is one of the best duck hunting and goose hunting resorts in Minnesota.

What lakes can I duck hunt in MN?


Beltrami Puposky Lake and Little Puposky Lake
Carver Tiger Lake
Faribault Part of Minnesota Lake
Freeborn Bear Lake, Upper Twin Lake

Can you shoot geese on the water?

Registered. There is absolutely nothing wrong with shooting ducks and geese on the water. Shooting them on the water is indicative of proper scouting, set-up, concealment, decoy placement, and calling. Landing them in your spread is the pinnacle of waterfowl hunting in my humble opinion.

Can you shoot sandhill cranes in Minnesota?

Sandhill cranes are a protected species in Minnesota, but it is legal to hunt them in part of northern Minnesota during the sandhill crane hunting season each year.

Is Minnesota good for duck hunting?

Our prime hunting area of southeast Minnesota has many acres of beans and corn fields with nearby water perfect for hunting ducks and geese alike. Our fields and waters are frequented with large flocks of resident and migrating mallards.

Are sand cranes good to eat?

Unlike cormorants, however, the flesh of sandhill cranes is edible and is reported by hunters to taste much like pork chops, so the birds are not merely killed and composted, but are also consumed.

Where can I duck hunt in Minnesota?

Popular duck hunting areas include the bays found on Lake Mille Lacs, the Mille Lacs Wildlife Management Area, and the Aitkin Wildlife Management Area. The varied habitat found in these areas includes wetlands, bogs, and forest openings, which are preferred by ducks and other migratory waterfowl.

Can I shoot geese on the ground?

It is perfectly legal to shoot geese on the water (including in Maryland), or for that matter shooting them on the ground also. In some peoples opinion it is not sporting or ethical. I’m not one to go jump shoot a flock of birds in a field or loafing on water, but if geese land in my decoys, they are getting shot.