How does Endeca search engine work?


How does Endeca search engine work?

Oracle Endeca Commerce Search Functionality – How it works This involves the content acquisition, forge and Dgidx processes and the end result is an Endeca index which possesses enriched source data with enhanced Search & Guided Navigation capabilities.

What is ATG commerce Suite?

Oracle ATG Web Commerce is a cross-channel commerce platform and software application that automates and personalizes the online buying experience. It enables enterprises to provide an online customer experience with merchandising, marketing, content personalization, automated recommendations, and live-help services.

Is Oracle an ecommerce platform?

Oracle Commerce is an ecommerce platform that helps B2C and B2B businesses connect customer and sales data from their CRM to their financial and operational data so they can offer personalized experiences to buyers across sales channels.

What is Oracle ATG used for?

Oracle ATG Web Commerce provides an open, server-side environment for building and deploying dynamic, personalized applications for the web and other communication channels, such as email and wireless devices. Oracle ATG Web Commerce applications implement a component development model based on JavaBeans and JSPs.

What is Oracle CX commerce?

Oracle CX Commerce is a cloud-native, fully featured, extensible SaaS commerce solution, delivered in the Oracle Cloud, supporting B2C and B2B models in a single platform. CX Commerce grants greater agility and cost savings, with the extensibility and control required in the ultra-competitive digital commerce market.

What does ATG stand for eCommerce?

Art Technology Group (ATG) was an independent internet technology company specializing in eCommerce software and on-demand optimization applications until its acquisition by Oracle on January 5, 2011.

Is Salesforce a ecommerce?

Chapter 6: Why Salesforce Commerce Cloud is the world’s leading ecommerce platform.

What is Salesforce B2C commerce?

Salesforce’s leading B2C ecommerce solution maximises conversions across all digital channels — online, mobile, social, and more. Our digital commerce platform simplifies the way brands create, launch, and maintain multiple sites by using a single system to manage all customer engagement channels.

What is ATG application?

Are additional components available for download within the Endeca Commerce product family?

Additional components are available for download and may be required to satisfy licenses within the Oracle Endeca Commerce product family.

How do I download Endeca Endeca software?

You can download our software directly from Oracle’s Software Delivery Cloud. Log in using your credentials and accept the terms and conditions You may see many different media pack options for our most recent release, past releases, and other Oracle Endeca products.

What are the components of Oracle Endeca platform services?

Oracle Endeca Platform Services 6.1.3 (Required) This component has two packaging options. Oracle Endeca Content Acquisition System (CAS) 3.1.2 Oracle Endeca Developer Studio 6.1.2. (Optional) Additional components are available for download and may be required to satisfy licenses within the Oracle Endeca Commerce product family.