How do I show dynamic data in WordPress?


How do I show dynamic data in WordPress?


  1. Go to your WordPress Control Panel.
  2. Click “Plugins”, then “Add New”
  3. Enter “ifso” as a search term and click “Search Plugins”
  4. Download and install the IfSo Dynamic Content plugin.
  5. Click the “Activate Plugin” link.
  6. On your WordPress menu under IfSo, click “Add new”
  7. Fill in the default content.
  8. Select rule.

How do you make a dynamic section in WordPress?

Insert or select a block. In the right sidebar, expand the Dynamic Sources section. Toggle on the option for any of the supported fields in that block. Use the dropdowns that appear to select the dynamic source you want this block to display for that field.

How do you add dynamic content to the front page?

Creating a Dynamic Front Page

  1. Create a standalone view used for the front page.
  2. Show dynamic content.
  3. Use ajax to load content.
  4. Embed tweets about ploneconf.

How do I make my WordPress homepage dynamic?

5 Steps to Set a Custom WordPress Homepage

  1. Open the WordPress Customizer.
  2. Once the Customizer opens, click on “Homepage Settings” to open the panel.
  3. Then, select, under “Your homepage displays,” the words “A static page.”
  4. Select the page you want to be your new homepage on the dropdown labeled “Homepage.”

What is a dynamic content?

Dynamic content is defined as any digital or online content that changes based on data, user behaviour and preferences. This can be text, audio or video format content.

How do you add dynamic value to a URL?

Look this example:

  1. Create a UDF function like this: Code: DynamicConfiguration conf = (DynamicConfiguration) container.
  2. Use it in your message mapping: variableName is a constant to use it to capture in communication channel.. variableValue is value for you set in your URL:
  3. Now setup Communication Channel:

How do I make a cool interactive website?

7 Tips for Making Your Website Content Interactive

  1. Ask for Ratings.
  2. Incentivize with Gamification and Rewards.
  3. Incorporate Quizzes, Polls, and Stories.
  4. Encourage Reader Feedback.
  5. Post User-Generated Content.
  6. Include Social Media Buttons.
  7. Don’t Forget About Internal links.
  8. Moving Forward.

How do you pass dynamic value in API URL?

How do I make my HTML page more interactive?

7 Ways to Make Your Website More Interactive

  1. Encourage Social Sharing.
  2. Add Quizzes, Surveys, and Polls.
  3. Use Gamification.
  4. Suggest Relevant Links.
  5. Invite Conversations.
  6. Publish User-Generated Content.
  7. Run a Giveaway.