How can I get Pran number?


How can I get Pran number?

  1. Procure your Permanent Retirement Account Number (PRAN) application form.
  2. Submit PRAN application form to your nearest Point Of Presence – Service Provider (POP-SP)
  3. Track your PRAN application.
  4. Submit your first Contribution Slip.

How can I check my Pran?

How to Know your PRAN Number

  1. Visit NSDL official portal at Here you can find multiple options related to NPS scheme.
  2. Click PRAN Application Status.
  3. Make sure you select with Acknowledgement number.
  4. Enter your PRN Acknowledgement number.
  5. Enter the Captcha Code > Click on Search to fetch your details.

How does Pran number look like?

The Permanent Retirement Account Number or PRAN is a unique 12 digit number that is given to the individuals who are registered under the National Pension Scheme (NPS) in India.

How can I recover my NPS Pran number?

In case of loss or damage of PRAN card, the Subscriber needs to submit a duly filled Form S2 to the concerned DDO. After verifying the form, the associated Nodal Office will process the request in the CRA System.

How can I download Pran card?

PRAN Card Download Online

  1. Open NPS web page. Visit subscriber NPS page using direct login at
  2. Enter PRAN Number. Enter your 12-digit PRAN number as user ID in the first column.
  3. Provide password. Fill your password with Captcha code.
  4. View. Select View option from Menu.
  5. ePRAN. Click on ePRAN.
  6. Open PRAN.
  7. Download.

How can I get hard copy Pran card?

How to apply for a physical copy of your PRAN Card?

  1. Applicants can choose to have a printed PRAN card couriered to them under their account login on the NPS website.
  2. Once you login to your NPS account, go to ‘Demographic changes’ and choose ‘Print PRAN Card’ option.
  3. Your PRAN card will be displayed on the screen.

Is Pran number confidential?

When the PRAN is generated, the subscriber is alerted through e-mail and SMS on the email ID and mobile number registered with the CRA. As a security measure, only the last four digits of the account number are disclosed in the communications.

How can I know my Pran no by mobile number?

To know your balance please give a missed call to 9212993399 through your registered mobile number. Gazette notification of PFRDA (Retirement Adviser) (Second Amendment) Regulations, 2017. To know your balance please give a missed call to 9212993399 through your registered mobile number.

How can I generate NPS Pran number online?

you can generate PRAN Online using e-NPS (either Aadhaar based or PAN based) and subsequently you are required to shift your PRAN under your associated Nodal Office by submitting Form IIS-1 (Inter Sector Shifting Form).

What is Pran number in NPS?

Permanent Retirement Account Number
Permanent Retirement Account Number (PRAN) is an exclusive 12-digit numerical code allotted to every person who has subscribed to the National Pension Scheme (NPS). The National Pension Scheme (NPS) is a government-sponsored savings vehicle which provides social-security benefit in the form of pension.

How many days will it take to get Pran card?

PRAN card is printed and dispatched within 10 days working days from the date of receipt of duly filled in registration form at NSDL-CRA. Through Online: Online Registration through eNPS portal is much faster and can be completed in few minutes.

What is the uses of Pran number?

The Permanent Retirement Account Number is a unique number issued to every accountholder of the National Pension Scheme. It helps identify and distinguish one subscriber from another, avoids overlapping in case of same names or details and helps subscribers to check the balance in their NPS Account.

What is Pran used for?

(PRAN) Permanent Retirement Account Number Tier I Account: This is a non-withdrawable account meant for retirement savings. Tier II Account: This is simply a voluntary savings facility. The subscriber is free to withdraw savings from this account whenever he wishes. No tax benefit is available on this account.

Is NPS account number and Pran same?

The PRAN allotted under NPS is unique and portable. This unique account number will remain the same for the rest of Subscriber’s life. Subscriber will be able to use this account and this unique PRAN from any location in India.

How can I print my Pran card?

Now the facility for downloading the ePRAN is enabled online, by which the subscriber can download the soft version of the PRAN in PDF format and print the same. To avail the facility, you may login into your account by using the login id and password provided by CRA along with your PRAN Kit.

Who are eligible for Pran card?

Subscribers who are registered with DDO (Drawing and Disbursing Office) and CRA can only apply for allotment of PRAN. First they need to first register with CRA before registering with DDO. Any subscriber/employee falling within the age group of 18 to 60 years can apply for a Permanent Retirement Account Number.

Is Pran number is UAN number?

Maintaining dual retirement accounts and consequently two retirement numbers—UAN in the case of EPFO and Permanent Retirement Account Number (PRAN) in the case of the NPS—could be a dampener for many.

What is a Pran number?

PRAN is an acronym for Permanent Retirement Account Number, which is the unique and portable number provided to each subscriber under NPS and remains with him throughout. On successful registration, a PRAN (Permanent Retirement Account Number) will be allotted to the subscriber.

How can I download Pran online?