Does IHOP have good French toast?


Does IHOP have good French toast?

The final product is the ideal breakfast dish just begging for syrup. The Original French Toast is a standalone dish with no sides, so it’s perfect for when you’re not exactly starving, but you still want a hearty meal.

How do you make French toast with cinammon?


  1. Spray grill with cooking spray. Preheat grill for 6 minutes.
  2. In a medium shallow bowl, whisk together eggs, milk, sugar, and vanilla. Soak slices of bread in egg mixture.
  3. Place slices of bread on the grill.
  4. Sprinkle with cinnamon before serving with butter and syrup.

How many slices are in IHOP French toast?

Six triangular slices
Menu Description: “Six triangular slices with powdered sugar.” Now in its 38th year, IHOP has become one of the recognized leaders for breakfast dining, serving up thousands of omelettes, waffles, blintzes, and pancakes each and every day.

Does IHOP have cinnamon pancakes?

New Cinnamon Toast Crunch Pancakes Two buttermilk pancakes topped with cinnamon spread, Cinnamon Toast Crunch™ cereal, cream cheese icing, a crown of whipped topping and cinnamon sugar.

What is IHOP most popular item?

1. IHOP’s Original Buttermilk Pancakes. The Original Buttermilk Pancakes put IHOP on the map and remain the best item on their menu to this day.

Does IHOP use real eggs?

In the video, they explained that while they enjoyed working at IHOP, they discovered during training that the scrambled eggs and omelettes they serve are only made with fresh cracked eggs if the customer specifically asks for real eggs.

What’s the recipe for cinnamon toast?


  1. Toast bread slices in a toaster to desired darkness. Spread butter or margarine onto one side of each slice.
  2. Stir together sugar and cinnamon in a small bowl; sprinkle generously over hot, buttered toast.

Why is my french toast soggy?

French toast goes soggy if you’ve used too thin, fresh, and flimsy a slice of bread. Other causes are too much milk in the custard, skim milk, and soaking the bread for too long. French toast will also be soggy if it’s fried at too high a heat, searing the outside and leaving the center underdone.

How do you reheat IHOP French toast?

To reheat your leftover french toast in the oven, preheat your oven to 350°F (180°C) and spread your pieces of toast onto a wire rack with a baking tray underneath. Cover the French toast with foil and heat for 5-10 minutes. Remove the foil for two minutes at the end to crisp the bread.

What happened to IHOP cinnamon pancakes?

IHOP: Cinn-A-Stack pancakes When IHOP discontinued the cult-favorite Cinn-A-Stack pancakes, Delish says there were hundreds and hundreds of requests submitted to bring them back. Sadly, they’re not coming back, at least, not any time soon, but you can still get them.

Does IHOP use eggs in their pancakes?

Are pancakes vegan at IHOP? No, IHOP pancakes have egg and milk in them so they are not vegan.

Can bread be too stale for French toast?

But it also turns out that slightly stale bread is actually the best for making French toast because stale bread absorbs more of the egg mixture than fresh bread will. If the only bread you have just popped out of the oven, you could try toasting it very slightly first.

What is better IHOP or Denny’s?

I tried the pancakes, french toast, breakfast platters, omelettes, and breakfast specialties at both restaurants. A couple of thousand calories and some mild heartburn later, I had a clear answer. It turns out IHOP is better than Denny’s in every single way. The competition isn’t even close.

Does IHOP add pancake batter to their eggs?

By adding a small amount of pancake batter to its eggs, IHOP accomplishes a few things: One, it adds some structure to the eggs, making them a little more sturdy and filling. Two, the extra moisture leads to a fluffier overall product.

What is cinnamon toast made of?

The ingredients for cinnamon toast — bread, cinnamon, sugar and butter — have remained largely unchanged since the recipe first appeared in 15th century Europe, where it was introduced as a less expensive version of French toast. Some variations call for adding the cinnamon and sugar before toasting, others after.

How unhealthy is cinnamon toast?

NOT THAT: Cinnamon Toast Crunch is a sugar bomb to say the least. Just touching it can rub a gram of 2 of sugar on to your finger tips.. It may contain “real cinnamon” but it has loads of other junk like sugar, fructose, maltodextrin and dextrose (all sneaky little names of unhealthy sugars).

How much does French toast cost at IHOP?

IHOP Menu Prices Food Price Belgian Waffle $5.79 French Toast $5.79 Stuffed French Toast Combo $7.99 Stuffed French Toast $6.99

How to make best French toast recipe?

To start making this easy French toast recipe you will need to beat an egg,vanilla and cinnamon in shallow dish.

  • Dip bread in egg mixture,turning to coat both sides evenly.
  • Cook bread slices on lightly greased nonstick griddle or skillet on medium heat until browned on both sides.
  • What is the best French toast?

    Top with powdered sugar, fresh or frozen blueberries, or both! In an episode titled “ Ladies Who Brunch ,” Yeh paired Challah French Toast with several other sweet favorites. These include Sprinkles Biscotti, Mini Kale Shakshuka, and Sweet Potato and Bacon Hash.

    What is the best French toast recipe?

    – Place the French toast in a buttered skillet. – Cook until the bottom is golden brown (about 3 minutes). – Flip the bread over. – Cook until the other side is golden brown (about 2 minutes).