Did Commissioner Gordon know who Batman was in Arkham Knight?


Did Commissioner Gordon know who Batman was in Arkham Knight?

But Gordon proves his loyalty by not saying it outright and allowing Bruce to decide what the future of Batman will be. We see something similar in The Dark Knight Rises. When Blake asks Gordon if he ever wanted to know who Batman really was, Gordon just smiles and says, “I know exactly who he was. He was the Batman.”

Does Gordon know Batman is alive?

At the end of The Dark Knight Rises we see Jim Gordon run his hand across a new bat signal, but as far as he knows Batman is dead and no more.

Does Gotham find out who Batman is?

The secret is out. Plenty of characters (and even villains) know that Bruce Wayne is the man behind the mask. The secret is out: Batman is Bruce Wayne. Despite his best efforts at shielding his identity, Batman is a known commodity in Gotham and beyond.

Who figured out Batman’s identity?

10 Ra’s Al Ghul Ra’s Al Ghul found out about Batman’s identity as Bruce Wayne by following his money. Ra’s Al Ghul knew that Batman had to be very wealthy to afford to spend so much money and resources fighting crime, and to have all the tools that he does have.

Who does Jim Gordon marry in Gotham?

Leslie Thompkins
Jim Gordon (Gotham)

Jim Gordon
Spouse Leslie Thompkins
Significant others Barbara Kean (ex-fiancé) Valerie Vale (formerly) Sofia Falcone (formerly)
Children Barbara Lee Gordon (daughter)
Nationality American

Did Commissioner Gordon know Barbara is Batgirl?

Gordon announced that he’s fully aware that Barbara Gordon, his daughter, is Oracle and used to be Batgirl. Barbara’s secret identity has been a long-running undercurrent of Barbara’s role as a major asset to Batman in his war on crime, with the assumption that her father was in the dark about the matter.

Who kills Jim Gordon in Gotham?

Lastly, in 2020’s Batman Who Laughs, Commissioner Gordon is murdered by Joker with a gruesome acid-filled booby trap.

Who knows Bruce’s identity?

List of people who know Batman’s secret identity

Person/Entity First Learned/Established in
Amanda Waller Justice League Unlimited, “Ultimatum”
Andrea Beaumont/The Phantasm Batman: Mask of the Phantasm
Barbara Gordon/Batgirl The New Batman Adventures, “Sins of the Father”
Bud and Lou Batman: TAS, “Harley’s Holiday”

What is Batwoman’s secret identity?

History. The first Batwoman, Kathy Kane, debuted during the Silver Age of Comics within the “pre-crisis” mainstream DC Universe.

Does Lucius Fox know Bruce is Batman?

Lucius Fox was ran Wayne Enterprises. Fox knew Bruce Wayne was Batman and provided him with vehicles and gadgets.

Who was the first villain to find out Batman’s identity?

Professor Hugo Strange
Professor Hugo Strange is a supervillain appearing in comic books published by DC Comics, commonly as an adversary of the superhero Batman. The character is one of Batman’s first recurring villains and is also one of the first Batman villains to discover the hero’s secret identity.