Every story is personal. Like ours.

The idea of Flike, as the world’s first manned tricopter concept was conceived in the summer of 2014 when an article claimed that “there are size limitations for drone technology. Small is OK but don’t you ever expect to have one that is heavy enough to carry a person.”

Such a statement is just the right trigger for engineers like us…

…to prove it wrong.

Don’t try this at home… wait, why?

All key enabling technologies of the above seen demonstrator are mature. We tested, fine-tuned and re-tested the concept. Parts can be manufactured, although some are still rocket-science. And it really provides an incomparable free flight experience.

What exactly prevents us from making it available for the public?


Therefore, we are now working on Your Flike.

...aaaand it's gonna be S-cubic. Safe, Sexy and Sophisticated.

Show me My Flike!

Your Flike


With its fully redundant powertrain, fault-tolerant control and steep learning curve, your Flike will be as safe as a it can get. Yet, due to its open design, Flikin' around will definitely take some courage.


Independence has always been engaging. Provided that Flike is meant to be the strongest icon of freedom since the invention of the choppers, if you don't wanna be admired, we'd rather suggest stay on the ground.


Your Flike will be a delicate piece of 21st century engineering, made of high-end material, equipped with ultra-smart electronics,
shaped for maximum endurance and peak performance in agility.


0 kph
0 m
0 min
0 kg
0 kg
0 G

Parallel to the development of your Flike’s under-the-hood systems, we are busy selecting a delicate set of liveries, extras and options to assist you in the individualization of your Flike to the extent where it perfectly matches your taste and reflects your personality. We are planning to get prepared to accept and fulfil your order already in 2016. Keep an eye on us, as further details will follow soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Since our first videos went on YouTube, thousands of questions were arisen by the Public. We just decided to collect those that were most commonly popped up, and provide the answers to our best knowledge. So here we go:

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    What is Flike?

    Flike is a flying motorbike concept, a tricopter with electric/hybrid powertrain, capable of carrying one person or an equivalent weight (100 kgs) of payload aboard. It can be piloted by the person on-board, as well as by remote control, moreover, it is capable of unmanned autonomous flight.

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    Where is Flike coming from?

    Flike originates from an internal research project of 
Hungary’s largest applied research institute. Along with the prototyping of the integrated full-scale concept demonstrator seen on YouTube, the development of a viable business-case was also initiated. By the time the technological feasibility got proven, a promising business plan got also drafted.

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    What is Flike's purpose?

    Spinned off the research institute into a private company, Flike is under development towards a marketable product. Early adopters are expected to be private pilots, using Flike for leisure activities, however, on the long run, professional usage is envisioned just as well.

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    What will be Flike's price, and when will it be available for order?

    Upon its debut in 2016, Flike will be a luxury toy. Its price will be comparable to sports cars’. This is a sort of rocket science, therefore it costs accordingly. Just like automobiles, in those old days.

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    What prerequisites are foreseen for someone to hop on and ride Flike?

    Courage, mostly. Due to its fly-by-wire concept, Flike does not need too much of talent to fly. The pilot’s joystick commands are only intentions regarding the flight attitude and altitude. They are transformed into changes in the power of six individual engines by the flight management computer. It is actually the computer flying the aircraft.
    On the legal side: if we get our job done right, at most places of the world, Flike will require an ultra-light / microlight / private pilot’s licence.

Contact / Investors / Enquiries

Whether you are a future Flike-owner, willing to use Flike as a professional manned or unmanned aerial platform, wanting to invest in the Flike enterprise, or just wish to share your thoughts with us, we are eager to hear from you! Do not hesitate to contact us!

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