How many points does Arizona Cardinals average?


How many points does Arizona Cardinals average?

The Arizona Cardinals had 26.41 points per game played in 2021.

How many wins does the Arizona Cardinals have?


Los Angeles Rams xz Rams xz 12 0.667
Arizona Cardinals xy Cardinals xy 11 0.583
San Francisco 49ers xy 49ers xy 10 0.583
Seattle Seahawks Seahawks 7 0.333

Who scores the most on the Cardinals?

Jim Bakken is the Arizona Cardinals career leader in points scored with 1,380. Players active with the Arizona Cardinals during the 2021 NFL season are listed in bold. 1.

Who has the most touchdowns on the Cardinals?

Larry Fitzgerald is the career touchdown leader of the Arizona Cardinals with 121 touchdowns.

Who is the highest scoring team in the NFL?

Dallas Cowboys
The Dallas Cowboys put up the most points by a team in 2021, with 530 points.

Dallas Cowboys 2021 64
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2021 63
Buffalo Bills 2021 57
Kansas City Chiefs 2021 57

What’s the Cardinals record NFL?

Arizona Cardinals

Year Record Finish (Regular / Post Season)
2021 11-6-0 2nd — NFC West
2020 8-8-0 3rd — NFC West
2019 5-10-1 4th — NFC West
2018 3-13-0 4th — NFC West

What are the Arizona Cardinals ranked?

Team Menu: Arizona Cardinals

1st Place, NFC West (0-0)
Record 0-0 Predictive rank #16 Streak —

Who is the best player on the Arizona Cardinals?

Kyler Murray – No. Murray’s 2020 season featured career highs in passing yards (3,971), rushing yards (813), and total touchdowns (47) in addition to also being the first quarterback in NFL history to rush and throw for a touchdown in nine straight games.

Which NFL team has the most missed field goals?

The Washington Football Team have missed the most field goals by a team, with 771 misses.

Where is Arizona Cardinals record?

The team’s all-time win–loss record (including regular season and playoff games) at the conclusion of the 2021 season is 584–787–41 ( 577–777–41 in the regular season, 7–10 in the playoffs)….

Arizona Cardinals
Head coach Kliff Kingsbury
Team history

How good are Arizona Cardinals?

They are a remarkable 7-0 on the road (and every win has been by at least 10 points). They are winning games and winning over skeptics. Early NFL power rankings after NFL Week 13 have the Cardinals as the top team in the NFL and a “legitimate Super Bowl threat.”

Are the Cardinals good this year NFL?

The site’s predictive model for the 2022 NFL season has the Cardinals ranked No. 9 in the NFL. That’s a lot better than some other preseason rankings for Arizona’s NFL franchise. According to ESPN’s FPI, the Buffalo Bills are the No.

Are the Cardinals the best NFL team?

How many Cardinals are in the Top 100?

Four Arizona Cardinals players made the NFL Network’s annual Top 100 list this year. Every year, the NFL Network interviews guys around the league and has them vote for the 100-best players of the recent season.

What is Arizona Cardinals all time record?

What was the Cardinals best record ever? What Are the Top 10 Cardinals Wins of All Time? All-Time Record: 558–763-41 (100 seasons) Playoff Record: 7–9. Championships: 2 (1 Super Bowl appearance) Winning Seasons: 30. Playoff Appearances: 10. Best-Ever Regular Season: 13–3 in 2013. Worst-Ever Regular Season: 0–10 in 1943 and ’44.

What is the Arizona Cardinals ranking?

With the start of the NFL season, USA TODAY’s Nate Davis has new power rankings. Arizona Cardinals fans won’t like where he ranks their team. They dropped four spots from No. 17 previously to No. 21 overall.

Did the Cardinals win NFL?

The Arizona Cardinals now have sole possession of the league’s best record. Colt McCoy stepped in for the injured Kyler Murray and threw for 328 yards and two touchdowns as the Cardinals won 23-13 at Seattle. Arizona’s victory improved the NFC West-leading Cardinals’ record to 9-2. Murray was missing a third straight game due to an ankle injury.

Are the Arizona Cardinals one of the original teams?

The Cardinals aren’t one of them, but not for lack of trying. Making it difficult is that the first two home games are at home. While acknowledging that the team tried to make it happen, head coach Kliff Kingsbury explained Tuesday, “It’s a little warm in Phoenix.