Why are all insurance commercials funny?


Why are all insurance commercials funny?

The reason humor is used so often in commercials is that one of the most important things a commercial can do is grab the audience’s attention, and there’s almost no better way to do that then to make your audience laugh.

Who are the actors in the Colonial Penn commercial?

Who Is The Actor In The Colonial Penn Commercials? The current actor in the Colonial Penn commercials is Johnathan Lawson. He goes over Guaranteed Acceptance plans and what Colonial Penn can offer their customers.

Why are there so many life insurance ads on TV?

They’re popular because the premiums are usually small and your loved ones get a fixed lump sum when you die. Companies sell them as funeral cover, littering their marketing material with frightening statistics.

Who is the Geico gecko?

British actor Jake Wood is the person who voices the Geico gecko (via Hot Cars), and you just may recognize him from some of his other work as well. Before Wood took over as the voice behind the famous gecko — whose real name is actually Martin — several actors brought the lovable lizard to life.

Who is the black actor on the Colonial Penn commercial?

Dennis Haysbert
Born Dennis Dexter Haysbert June 2, 1954 San Mateo, California, U.S.
Occupation Actor
Years active 1978–present
Spouse(s) Elena Simms ​ ​ ( m. 1980; div. 1984)​ Lynn Griffith ​ ​ ( m. 1989; div. 2001)​

Who is the actress in the Colonial Penn life insurance commercial?

Lowery has also appeared on the commercials for Colonial Penn….

Marcella Lowery
Born April 27, 1946 Queens, New York, United States
Occupation actress
Years active 1972–present

Is Rick from Progressive a real doctor?

Rick is a fictional character appearing in advertisements for Progressive Corporation insurance. The character, portrayed by Bill Glass, is a self-help coach who helps new homeowners keep from “turning into” their parents.

Why does Geico make so many commercials?

For a company like Geico, which doesn’t have a brick-and-mortar presence, the advertising excess helps counteract missed opportunities. The ad director at State Farm once joked Geico was running 28 campaigns simultaneously.

Why are there so many funeral ads on TV?

Who’s the guy in the Allstate commercial?

Haysbert has had a successful career outside of commercial acting. Dennis Haysbert might be one of the most well-known people on TV, but few know the actor’s name. Haysbert is the famous face of Allstate, appearing in their commercials for almost 20 years now.

Who is the actress in the senior life insurance commercial?

Patricia Belcher
Born Helena, Montana, U.S.
Occupation Actress
Years active 1954–present

Is Phylicia Rashad in an insurance commercial?

The new spots feature “This is Us” guest star Phylicia Rashad as the voiceover. Not only do viewers hear Rashad’s voice, but this campaign marks the return of American Family Insurance’s famous jingle. Several other spots created for the campaign will be featured throughout the year.

How funny is the number one insurance commercial?

The number one insurance commercial is funny every second of it’s airtime. We wish we could extend this 30 second commercial in to a two hour movie. From the buffalo on the guy’s hat as they relax in their car to their faces when they scream, this commercial is hilarious!

Which is the best commercial for women in South Africa?

1st for Women was the first insurance brokerage to offer insurance products specifically tailored to the insurance needs of South African women. This commercial shows a little bit behind why they decided to do so. This commercial made a strong fight for the number one spot, but ended up in a strong respectable third.

What is the song in the dog commercial with the dog?

This commercial may not make you laugh out loud at some wonderful one-liner, but it is a funny commercial none the less. If anything, you will enjoy watching the dog’s funny expressions and cute interactions. Plus, it is a great song in the background of the commercial as Ray LaMontagne sings one of his most popular songs “Trouble”.

Who are the actors in the Double Check commercial?

This was the first of three commercials birthed from the double check family, including sequels with teammates BJ Raji and Clay Matthews. The commercial lead to a dance and various t-shirts and merchandise you can buy online. If playback doesn’t begin shortly, try restarting your device.