Who was the main Backstreet Boy?


Who was the main Backstreet Boy?

The Backstreet Boys have sold over 100 million records worldwide, making them the best-selling boy band of all time, and one of the world’s best-selling music artists….

Backstreet Boys
Members AJ McLean Howie Dorough Nick Carter Kevin Richardson Brian Littrell
Website backstreetboys.com

What happened to Brian Littrell?

In October 2009, Littrell became infected with swine flu, causing the cancellation of the Backstreet Boys This Is Us promotional tour. In the 2015 documentary film Backstreet Boys: Show ‘Em What You’re Made Of, Littrell revealed his 2011 diagnosis of vocal tension dysphonia and dystonia.

Who is the most talented Backstreet Boy?

Nick Carter He is best known as a member of the pop group the Backstreet Boys. As of 2015, Carter has released three solo albums, Now or Never, I’m Taking Off and All American during breaks between Backstreet Boys schedules, and a collaboration with Jordan Knight titled Nick & Knight.

Who Was the 6th Backstreet boy?

Louis Jay Pearlman
Louis Jay Pearlman (June 19, 1954 – August 19, 2016) was an American record producer. He was the person behind many successful 1990s boy bands, having formed and funded the Backstreet Boys. After their massive success, he then developed NSYNC.

What is wrong with Brian’s voice?

In the documentary “Show ‘Em What You’re Made Of,” Littrell, who sang lead on so many hits, revealed he suffers from muscle tension dysphonia – simply put, under stress he loses his voice. Of his voice, Littrell said, “It’s a work in progress, as you know, that I can talk to you right now.

What happened to Brian’s voice in Backstreet Boys?

Among many of the struggles the Boys get candid about in their story, it was revealed that group member, Brian Littrell has been suffering from Muscle Tension Dysphonia. This is a condition that causes the sound and feel of his voice to change due to extreme muscle tension in and around the voice box.

Who was bigger Backstreet or nsync?

On a technical level, Backstreet Boys sold more albums, but ‘N Sync created a star even bigger than either boy band in Timberlake. The “rivalry” also bred more competition, leading to an unprecedented wave of more male vocal groups, like 98 Degrees and the reality-show–made O-Town.

Who sold more BSB or NSYNC?

The group had a lot more longevity than NSYNC. And let’s be real here—the Backstreet Boys are the best-selling boy band of all-time. The group has topped $165 million in record sales worldwide. NSYNC also made it into the top 10, ranking at #7.

Who was more popular BSB or NSYNC?