Who played Gentleman Joe on MASH?


Who played Gentleman Joe on MASH?

Observe: 1. The 4077th prepare for a visit from boxer “Gentleman” Joe Cavanaugh (Pat McNamara), Father Mulcahy’s boyhood hero. Surprise, he’s a bit of a tool to his assistant, inspiring skepticism in most of the the others.

Does Klinger get promoted?

When he was not bucking for a Section Eight, Klinger was a hard-working, reliable orderly who never let his schemes interfere with his duties. In Season 8, he replaced Radar as company clerk with reasonable seriousness, developing a reputation as a scrounger and eventually getting promoted to Sergeant.

What happened on the last episode of MASH?

February 28, 1983M*A*S*H / Final episode date

Why did Radar leave the show?

Burghoff left M*A*S*H in 1979 after the seventh season because of burnout and a desire to spend more time with his family, though he returned the following season to film a special two-part farewell episode, “Goodbye Radar”.

Why did Klinger stay in Korea?

Refugee turned by MPs over to the 4077th MASH base; winds up marrying Klinger, who stays in Korea to help find her parents, who were transferred to a refugee camp, before settling together in the U.S.

Why did the lady smother her baby in MASH?

With Sidney’s prompting, Hawkeye begins to recall the correct details of what happened: It turned out that it was not a clucking chicken, but a crying baby; unable to keep it quiet, the woman made the ad hoc decision to smother her own child to silence it and save the lives of herself and the others on the bus.

What happens to Hawkeye AfterMASH?

At the end of the television series, Hawkeye was the last of the senior staff to leave the now-dismantled camp with the announced intention of returning home to Crabapple Cove to be a local doctor who has the time to get to know his patients instead of the endless flow of casualties he faced in his term of service.

What happened to Hawkeye in the last episode of MASH?

It is revealed he suffered a nervous breakdown while working in the operating room. He tells Freedman about a recent beach outing by a busload of camp staff. They picked up some refugees and wounded soldiers on their return home.

What was the controversial ending of MASH?

The episode is notable for its shocking ending, in which the unit’s amiable commanding officer Lieutenant Colonel Henry Blake (played by McLean Stevenson) receives an honorable discharge and leaves for home, but in the final scene is reported killed by enemy fire.

What are the best mash episodes?

Welcome to this week’s episode of Cultural Capital where they’re creating a brilliantly bonkers mash-up of Black Panther and The Wizard of Oz, because why wouldn’t you? Our Thing of the Week is a very strange example of celebrity endorsement

When will mash reruns air on TV?

Whether you’re watching a made-for-TV movie or the latest and greatest TV series, the program will more than likely air again on the same network or appear on some type of streaming service in the future. The same thing is true for older shows.

Who died in the final mash episode?

[T]he last episode of the third year … when we read the [script] page and found out that Henry died, we were all stunned, and Larry [Gelbart] asked for comments and a lot of people had their say.

Where can I watch mash episodes?

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