Who owns Yang Ming shipping line?


Who owns Yang Ming shipping line?

Yang Ming Group, Co. Ltd
Yang Ming Marine Transport Corporation

Headquarters 271 Ming De 1st Road, Keelung , Taiwan
Area served Worldwide
Key people Chong-hua Cheng, MBA (CEO) Patrick Emerson Teng, CPA (President) Jason Eugene Chan, CMA (Vice President)
Services Shipping services, logistics services
Owner Yang Ming Group, Co. Ltd.

Where is Yang Ming from?

Keelung, Taiwan
Although Yang Ming Line is Headquartered in Keelung, Taiwan, it opeates numerous services that link Taiwan with mainland Chinese ports such as Shanghai, Ningbo, Xingang and Shekou.

How many containers can the Yang Ming carry?

At May of 2022, Yang Ming operates a fleet of 93 vessels with a 7.654-million-D.W.T / operating capacity 670 thousand TEUS, of which container ships are the mains service force.

What alliance is Yang Ming in?

Hapag-Lloyd, MOL and NYK are currently members of the G6 Alliance, while “K” Line, Yang Ming and Hanjin are part of the CKYHE Alliance.

What does Yang Ming mean in English?

yáng míng. to become famous to become notorious.

How big is the Yang Ming ship?

The vessels are 332.2m-long, 48.2m-wide and have a draft of 16m. They can cruise at speeds of 23k. This type of vessel uses the twin-island design to boost the loading capacity and navigational visibility for efficiency and safety.

How long is the Yang Ming container ship?

333.9 meters
This ship has the capacity of 11,860 TEU and is equipped with 1,000 plugs for reefer containers. “YM Together” measures 333.9 meters in length and 48.4 meters in width. With a draft of 16 meters, the ship can travel at a speed of up to 23 knots.

Who is in the alliance shipping?

THE Alliance: Hapag-Lloyd, ONE, & Yang Ming Who will connect 76 ports throughout Asia, North Europe, the Mediterranean, North America, Canada, Mexico, Central America, Indian Subcontinent, and the Middle East.

Who were the members of the alliance?

In 1949, there were 12 founding members of the Alliance: Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Iceland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, the United Kingdom and the United States.

What is shipping consortium?

CONSORTIUM:The name for an agreement under which several nations or nationals (usually corporations) of more than one nation join together for a common purpose (e.g., a shipping consortium).

How do NVOCC make money?

Therefore, NVOCC, whose main source of profit is freight difference, will adjust the freight rate to balance the risk-benefit relationship in the business process.

What do NVOCCs do?

Description: An NVOCC signs contracts with shipping lines to guarantee the shipment of certain number of units each year. In return the shipping line offers favorable rates to the NVOCC. Thus, NVOCC ends to be the largest trade maker for the container shipment.

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