Who kicked the first goal in the 2014 AFL Grand Final?


Who kicked the first goal in the 2014 AFL Grand Final?

Josh Kennedy
2014 – Josh Kennedy (Sydney) One-time Hawk Josh Kennedy would kick the first goal of the 2014 AFL Grand Final for the Swans at the five minute mark of the opening quarter. Kennedy got the first major through after making the most of his chances to pop a shot over the Hawks defence on the run from outside 50.

Are Port Adelaide still the power?

Port Adelaide Football Club is a professional Australian rules football club based in Alberton, South Australia….

Port Adelaide Football Club
Motto We Exist To Win Premierships
Club song AFL: Power to Win SANFL: Cheer, Cheer the Black and the White
2021 season
After finals 3rd

What was Port Adelaide original Colours?

Into the Archives: First colours and a parade of jumpers Before settling on the iconic black-and-white colours associated with Port Adelaide, the club previously donned several unique jumpers.

Who won AFL 2014?

Hawthorn Football Club2014 AFL season / Champion

What was the halftime score during the 2014 Grand Final?

Grand Final

South Sydney Rabbitohs 30 6
Match Stats
Halftime Score 6 0
Scrums 5 3
Penalties 5 6

When was AFL invented?

May 8, 1897Australian Football League / First event date

Who was first Port Adelaide or Collingwood?

And the debate swings – in official circles and unofficially among two vocal supporter bases – on well-worn themes. Collingwood was first in black and white. True, Port Adelaide started in blue and white in 1870 and from 1884-1901 it has worked many variations of magenta and blue.

When did Collingwood first wear black and white?

Vin Doherty in 1935. The simple black-and-white striped guernsey has become a part of Collingwood since day one, and has become the most instantly recognisable club symbol of all.

Who played 2014 Grand Final?

South Sydney won the match with a decisive 30 points to 6 victory, ending a 43-year premiership drought by claiming their 21st title….2014 NRL Grand Final.

South Sydney Rabbitohs Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs
30 6

Who played in 2014 AFL Grand Final?

The match, attended by 99,460 spectators, was won by Hawthorn by a margin of 63 points, marking the club’s second consecutive premiership and twelfth VFL/AFL premiership victory overall….2014 AFL Grand Final.

Sydney Hawthorn
11.8 (74) 21.11 (137)

When was the last time rabbits were in the grand final?

Played on the evening of Sunday 5 October 2014 at ANZ Stadium, the match was contested by the South Sydney Rabbitohs and the Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs.

Why is Collingwood hated?

But how did Collingwood end up being the most reviled (and, by its fans, the most intensely loved) football club in the land? There are several common explanations: Eddie McGuire’s ham-fisted and offensive media forays, the club’s “feral” fan base, and events like the infamous Nicky Winmar incident at Victoria Park.