Who is the present SDO of tehatta?


Who is the present SDO of tehatta?

Jagabandhu Pramanick, H/A SDO, Tehatta 03471249014 8900302207 [email protected] 4. Mandatory disclosures under RTI (SPIO etc.). Sub-Divisional Officer, Tehatta, Nadia.

Who is the BDO of tehatta 1?

Achyutananda Pathak
Block Development Officers

Name Designation
Anupam Chakraborty, WBCS (EXE) Block Development Officer, Karimpur-I
Samsujjaman, WBCS (EXE) Block Development Officer, Karimpur-II
Achyutananda Pathak, WBCS (EXE) Block Development Officer, Tehatta-I
Shubho Singha Roy, WBCS (EXE) Block Development Officer, Tehatta-II

How many SDO are there in Nadia district?


SDO, Krishnanagar 3472-253080 3472-252626
SDO, Tehatta 3471-250408
SDO, Ranaghat RANA KARMAKAR 3473-210095
SDO, Kalyani HIRAK MANDAL 33-25828523

How many blocks are in Tehatta subdivision?

Administrative units Tehatta subdivision has 5 police stations, 4 community development blocks, 4 panchayat samitis, 36 gram panchayats, 240 mouzas, 217 inhabited villages and 2 census towns. The census towns are: Karimpur and Uttampur.

Who is the present SDO of Kalyani?

Sub Divisional Officers

Name Designation Email
Sri Rana Karmakar, WBCS (Exe.) Sub Divisional Officer, Ranaghat sdorgt01[at]rediffmail[dot]com
Sri Hirak Mondal, WBCS (Exe.) Sub Divisional Officer, Kalyani sdokly123[at]gmail[dot]com
Smt. Moumita Saha, WBCS (Exe.) Sub Divisional Officer, Tehatta sdonadiatehatta[at]gmail[dot]com

Who is the SDO of Ranaghat?

Shri Joydeb Tarafder, WBCS(exe)

Who is the SP of Nadia district?

Ms Ishani Paul, IPS
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Name. Ms Ishani Paul, IPS
Office Phone No. 03472-252229
Office Mobile No. 9083269100
E-mail Address [email protected]
Office Location Nagendranagar, Krishnanagar, Nadia

Who is the BDO of haringhata?

Anirban Majumder
Block Development Officers

Name Designation Email
Atanu Ghosh, WBCS (EXE) Block Development Officer, Chakdaha bdochakdaha[at]gmail[dot]com
Deep Chatterjee, WBCS (EXE) Block Development Officer, Kalyani bdoklyn[at]gmail[dot]com
Anirban Majumder, WBCS (EXE) Block Development Officer, Haringhata bdo[dot]haringhata[at]gmail[dot]com

Who is the SDO of Nadia?

Who is the present DM of Nadia district?

Name of the District Magistrates From Date To Date
Shri Vibhu Goel, IAS 17.08.2019 04.11.2020
Shri Pawan Kadyan, IAS 30.05.2019 17.08.2019
Shri Sumit Gupta, IAS 29.07.2016 30.05.2019
Shri Vijay Bharti, IAS 15.06.2015 29.07.2016

What is the sub district of Nadia?

For administrative convenience Nadia district is divided into four Subdivisions – Krishnagar Sadar, Ranaghat. Kalyani and Tehatta. The district has an area of 3927 sq kms having a population of 46,04,827 as per Census 2001.

Who is the BDO of Ranaghat?

Khokan Barman
Block Development Officers

Name Designation
Khokan Barman, WBCS (EXE) Block Development Officer, Ranaghat-II
Pronoy Mukhopadhyay, WBCS (EXE) Block Development Officer, Santipur
Ratna Chakraborty, WBCS (EXE) Block Development Officer, Hanskhali
Atanu Ghosh, WBCS (EXE) Block Development Officer, Chakdaha

How many blocks are there in Nadia?

There are 19 police stations, 2 women’s and 1 cyber crime police stations, 17 community development blocks, 11 municipalities, 187 gram panchayats (3114 sets) and 2639 villages in this district.

Who is the ADM of Nadia?

Sri. Arindrajit Debsarma, WBCS (Exe.)

How many MLA are there in Nadia?

Assembly constituencies

S No. Constituency Name MLA
84 Nabadwip Pundarikakshya Saha
85 Krishnanagar Dakshin Ujjal Biswas
86 Santipur Braja Kishore Goswami
87 Ranaghat Uttar Paschim Parthasarathi Chatterjee