Who is the DM of Pratapgarh Rajasthan?


Who is the DM of Pratapgarh Rajasthan?

Smt Anupama Jorwal IAS (Rajasthan 2011) presently Joint Secretary to Government, PHED, Jaipur, has been transferred and posted as Collector & District Magistrate, Pratapgarh, Rajasthan .

Who is the collector of Pratapgarh?

Dr.Nitin Bansal

Name Address
Dr.Nitin Bansal District Collectorate office Pratapgarh

How many villages are there in Pratapgarh Rajasthan?

When it comes to villages, there are about 970 villages in pratapgarh district.

When was Pratapgarh made?

26 January 2008
Geography. Pratapgarh District is a newly constituted district in Rajasthan state. it came into existence on 26 January 2008, as the 33rd district of Rajasthan. Pratapgarh is located at 24.03° N 74.78° E.

Which district is Pratapgarh in Rajasthan?

Pratapgarh district is the 33rd district of Rajasthan, created on 26 January 2008. It is a part of Udaipur Division and has been carved out from the erstwhile tehsils of Chittorgarh, Udaipur and Banswara districts. Pratapgarh town (Pin Code 312605, STD Code 01478) is the administrative headquarters of the district.

Is Pratapgarh a district?

Pratapgarh, also spelled Partapgarh or Partabgarh, district, southeast-central Uttar Pradesh state, northern India. Part of the great alluvial Indo-Gangetic Plain, it is bounded on the southwest by the Ganges (Ganga) River and drained by one of its tributaries, the Sai River.

Who is the CMO of Pratapgarh?

Government Of Uttar Pradesh

Name/Designation District Contact Numbers
Chief Medical Officer [email protected], [email protected] Kaushambi Website +91 5331 232486 +91 5331 8005192673 (R)
Chief Medical Officer [email protected], [email protected] Pratapgarh Website +91 5342 220507 +91 5342 9415216504 (R)

Who is DM of raebareli?

Mala Srivastava D.M.

Name Designation Address
Mala Srivastava D.M. Collectorate Raebareli

How many Tehsil are there in Pratapgarh?

5 Sub
The District Pratapgarh is divided into 5 Sub divisions for administrative convenience.

How many Tehsil are there in Pratapgarh district Rajasthan?

five Tehsils
Well known for pure gold and glass-inlay handmade unique jewellery called “Thewa”, Pratapgarh, as the 33rd district of Rajasthan, came into existence on 26 January 2008, comprising five Tehsils/ sub-divisions, Pratapgarh, Chhotee Sadri, Dhariyawad, Arnod and Peepalkhoont.

Who is owner of Pratapgad?

Pratapgad is a large, mountain fort located in Satara district, in the Western Indian state of Maharashtra….

Type Hill Fort
Height 3543 feet
Site information
Controlled by Maratha (1656-1818) United Kingdom East India Company (1818-1857) India (1857-1947) India (1947-present)

Why is Pratapgarh called PBH?

The District that forms a part of Allahabad Divison is named after its headquarters town Bela Pratabgarh, commonly know as Pratapgarh. Pratap Singh, a raja of the locality who flourished between 1628-1682, fixed his headquarters at Rampur near old town of Aror.

Why Pratapgarh up is famous?

Pratapgarh district has the world’s first temple dedicated to farmers, named Kisan Devta Mandir. In this district, farmers are revered as gods. The temple was established by Shailendra Yogi, a homeopathic doctor, in Sarai Mahesh village of Patti tehsil of Pratapgarh in 2015.

What is famous food in Pratapgarh up?

Popular Gujarati dishes served at Indian restaurants Pratapgarh-Uttar-Pradesh include dhokla, khandvi, undhiyu etc. This cuisine has a number of options right from breakfast to main course. The food can be characterized by the use of spices like green chillies, red chilles, mustard, tamrind etc.

Is Pratapgarh up east or west?

Is Bareilly and Raebareli same?

Bareilly is located in India with (28.347,79.4219) coordinates and Rae Bareli is located in India with (26.2191,81.245) coordinates. The calculated flying distance from Bareilly to Rae Bareli is equal to 185 miles which is equal to 297 km….Related Distances from Bareilly.

Cities Distance
Bareilly to Lalganj 2 385 km

How many rivers are there in Pratapgarh?

The district is systematically drained by three prominent rivers and major part of the district in the centre and west is part of ‘Mahi River Basin’ whereas the north-south extending strip in the eastern border is part of’Chambal River Basin’ and the small part in the north is part of ‘Banas River Basin’.