Who is the current state court judge for Cobb County?


Who is the current state court judge for Cobb County?

John Morgan was elected to the State Court of Cobb County in 2016. Judge Morgan began his career in Cobb County as a prosecutor in the Solicitor General’s office from 1992-1997.

How much do Cobb County Superior Court judges make?

Superior Court judges in Cobb County will now earn $216,410. Their supplement will increase from about $76,000 to about $84,000.

Who is the chief judge for Cobb County Magistrate Court?

Brendan F. Murphy
Brendan F. Murphy. Judge Brendan F. Murphy was appointed Chief Magistrate of Cobb County by the Superior Court bench of the Cobb Judicial Circuit in July 2019 and elected to a full term in June 2020.

Who is Carl Bowers?

Carl W. Bowers is the Division I Post 7 judge for the Cobb County State Court in Georgia. He was appointed to the seat by Governor Sonny Perdue in August 2010. He had previously served in Division II of the court.

How many Superior court judges are there in Georgia?

159 courts, 120 judges and associate judges. As of January 2007. Civil law actions except cases within the exclu- sive jurisdiction of superior court. Misdemeanors, traffic, felony preliminaries.

What is the meaning of magistrate court?

Legal Definition of magistrate court : a court presided over by a magistrate that has minor civil and criminal jurisdiction. — called also magistrate’s court.

What is Magistrates court Georgia?

The Magistrate Courts of Georgia are courts that have limited jurisdiction and do not hold jury trials. The Magistrate Courts have jurisdiction over the following: claims of no more than $15,000. minor criminal offenses. distress warrants.

How much do Georgia superior court judges make?

The middle 57% of Superior Court Judges makes between $174,570 and $247,785, with the top 86% making $396,713.

How much does a magistrate judge make in Georgia?

The middle 57% of Magistrate Judges makes between $177,874 and $252,689, with the top 86% making $406,850.

How many Superior Court judges are there in Georgia?

Who is the senior magistrate in Cobb County?

Timothy W. Wolfe serves as a Senior Magistrate. He was first appointed a Cobb County Magistrate Judge in December of 2005. Judge Wolfe has also served as a municipal court judge of Dunwoody and an associate municipal court judge of Smyrna. Judge Wolfe worked as an attorney in private practice in both the civil and criminal fields.

How many judges are in Cobb County GA?

The Superior Court of Cobb County has ten elected judges who preside over jury trials, rule on evidence, hear motions, and render verdicts in bench trials. Each Superior Court Judge is elected to a four year term.

What does judge Chesbro do for Cobb County?

Judge Chesbro maintains a mediation practice in Cobb County in the areas of general, commercial, family law, and civil litigation. He has been a state certified mediator in the Superior Court since the program’s inception in 1993.

Who is the dean of Cobb County Court?

Judge Michael McLaughlin is the Dean of the Cobb County Magistrate Court bench. After first being appointed in 1985, he has served continuously with six different Chief Magistrates. Judge McLaughlin has heard every type of case filed in Magistrate Court and routinely handles the Court’s busy civil calendars.