Who is the best top Laner in LoL?


Who is the best top Laner in LoL?

The 5 best Top Laners to climb in Season 12

  • Tryndamere. Tryndamere will forever be a thorn in the side of many toplaners.
  • Sett. Sett is, while relatively new to the party, the classic toplane choice, alongside Mordekaiser and Darius.
  • Malphite.
  • Riven.
  • Aatrox.

What do top laners do LoL?

This means top laners are most often tanks or high damage champions that can make use of the long lane to run down enemies. The 1v1 nature of top also means there are more champion options than any other role. While runes are champion-specific, summoner spells on top laners are standard.

What top laners can play support?

Support-style top laners, like Sion, Ornn, and Shen, are the beefiest tanks in the game. They can trade damage with their lane opponent reasonably well, but their main strength comes from surviving in their lane until they can build up enough tanky items to join their team in all-out teamfights.

Who is the most op top laner?

League of Legends: Best Top Laners 2020

  • Ornn. For a tank, Ornn’s damage output is surprisingly high.
  • Yorick. Hoo boy, Yorick has finally made it.
  • Singed. Another one-trick special, Singed has finally stepped into the limelight.
  • Kled.
  • Mordekaiser.
  • Irelia.
  • Jax.

Which lane is best to carry?

Still mid lane will be the most important one since teamfights will pop around the mid lane and the river, specially on and after mid-game.

What is the hardest role in League?

Jungle. The jungle role is the most difficult role in the game. You must have a good understanding of what is known as ‘macro game’, wave reading, diving, and jungle clearing if you want to play this role properly.

Is Top harder than mid?

Even in games where he lost his lane, he was able to roam to help out his jungler or bot lane instead. This is something that isn’t possible in the top lane without losing a lot of CS and XP. “Top is infinitely harder than mid, both the players, the champions, and the role.” Tyler1 said.

Who is the Tankiest top Laner?

1. Cho’Gath. Even though Cho’Gath doesn’t have infinite scaling, he is easily the tankiest champion in LoL. No one can even come close to how much HP Cho can have in a game, which is one key factor to being tanky in LoL.

Is ORNN good top lane?

Ornn is one of the strongest early game top laners thanks to his passive, W and the combo with his Q & E. Since tanks don’t scale very well in terms of damage and DPS (like Jax or Fiora), they can use their defensive side to advantage early game.