Who is Ping Identity competitors?


Who is Ping Identity competitors?

Ping Identity competitors include OneLogin, Inc., Identiv, Okta, Oracle and SecureAuth. Ping Identity ranks 2nd in CEO Score on Comparably vs its competitors.

What is the difference between PingOne and PingFederate?

PingOne is a cloud based service and you would need to integrate your application to it as SaaS application. PingFederate is software that you would run in your data center or on a cloud platform. You would integrate your application to PingFederate and setup a Service provider IdP connection.

Is Ping Federate an identity provider?

PingFederate is a federation server that provides identity management, single sign-on, and API security for the enterprise. See the complete PingFederate instructions to configure PingFederate as an identity provider.

What is the use of Ping Federate?

PingFederate is an enterprise federation server that enables user authentication and single sign-on. It serves as a global authentication authority that allows employees, customers and partners to securely access all the applications they need from any device.

How many employees does Ping Identity have?

Ping Identity

Type Public
Key people Andre Durand
Products Single Sign-On, Multi-Factor Authentication, Directory, Access Security, API Cybersecurity, Data Governance
Revenue 299.4 million USD
Number of employees 1200

What is PingAccess and PingFederate?

PingFederate and PingAccess combined means: Increased productivity by enabling web SSO to all applications. Enhanced security by applying access policies at the URI level with an extensible rules engine. Reduced risk by centrally managing sessions and access policies for any application.

Who owns PingFederate?

Vista Equity Partners
Vista Equity Partners, a private equity firm based in Austin, Texas, acquired majority ownership of Ping Identity in a leveraged buyout for $600 million on June 1, 2016.

What is the difference between PingID and PingFederate?

Used together, PingFederate integrates with the PingID service for MFA, PingID is hosted in the cloud and is administer via the PingOne console. Differences, PingFederate offers more complete federation standards support then does PingOne. For example PingFederate supports WS-Fed and WS-Trust.

Is Ping better than Okta?

Okta offers a more efficient, ground-up, complete solution to those looking to overhaul or modernize their entire system of identity and user management. Ping is better suited for those businesses which may have an existing infrastructure that they need to work around, such as on-premise requirements or legacy systems.

What is the difference between Ping and Okta?

What are Okta and Ping Identity? Ping Identity basically created the single sign-on category in the early 2000s by extending identities to web applications. Okta took the SSO category one step further and delivered the solution as a service from the cloud, now often called IDaaS or Identity-as-a-Service.

Who owns Pingfederate?

What is PingCentral?

PingCentral is a converged operating portal for Ping software, and it allows resource-constrained IAM teams to do more with less. It enables self-service, delegated administration for business users to integrate their own applications and APIs and consume centralized identity services.

What is the difference between Okta and Pingfederate?

What is the difference between Okta and Duo?

4 days ago
Overall. In most cases, Okta offers a stronger identity and access management security solution for businesses. It consistently outperforms Duo in both user ratings and industry recognition. More importantly, it offers a broader portfolio of access management and user life cycle management products.

What is ping cloud?

For easy implementation and maintenance, the PingOne Cloud Platform is a multi-tenant IDaaS platform. For enterprises that require advanced capabilities and data isolation, we also deliver a dedicated tenant option, managed and hosted by Ping. Both options give you 99.99% uptime.

Which is better Okta or Ping?

Does duo compete with Okta?

Okta and Duo Security, a part of Cisco, are both considered top competitors in the IAM market. They each offer slightly different portfolios and expertise for specific industrial verticals, but both are viewed as high performers by cybersecurity analysts and users alike.