Who is Kirk in strange new worlds?


Who is Kirk in strange new worlds?

Paul Wesley
Paul Wesley makes his debut as Captain Kirk on the season finale of ‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds.’ Trek fans know Kirk by way of William Shatner on the original Star Trek series of the 1960s, while a newer generation got their introduction to the character from Chris Pine in the J.J. Abrams Trek films.

Why did they switch from Captain Pike to Captain Kirk?

Pike first appeared as the main character of the original unaired pilot episode for Star Trek: The Original Series, “The Cage”, portrayed by Jeffrey Hunter. When this pilot was rejected, Hunter withdrew from the series, and the character of Pike was replaced with Kirk.

Who is LT Kirk?

In Strange New Worlds, Samuel Kirk is a charming lieutenant onboard the Enterprise, serving under Chief Science Officer Spock.

Is Sam Kirk Captain Kirk’s dad?

George Samuel Kirk was the eldest son of George and Winona Kirk and the brother of famed Starfleet Captain James T. Kirk. Only his younger brother was said to call him by the nickname “Sam”.

Is Sam Kirk related to James Kirk?

A recurring character on Strange New Worlds is George Samuel “Sam” Kirk (Dan Jeannotte), who’s the brother of James T. Kirk.

Why did the Star Trek cast change after the pilot?

By now most fans know that the original cast of Star Trek actually was re-cast and most of the characters were cut from the show after the first pilot. They shot just one episode with that cast, with the lone holdover being Leonard Nimoy as Spock.

Where is Kirk buried?

Enterprise-D persuaded him to help stop the obsessed El-Aurian, Dr. Tolian Soran, from destroying Veridian III. They stopped the madman’s plot, but Kirk was killed in the fight and buried in a plain grave atop a tall butte on the rocky planet.

What happened to Sam Kirk?

Flying parasites attack Kirk and his fellow colonists in the colony on Deneva. While his wife, Aurelan Kirk managed to signal for help, Sam would perish. When the USS Enterprise eventually arrived at the colony, Sam Kirk is long dead. As are two of his child, with his wife Aurelan dying shortly thereafter.

Why was the original Star Trek pilot rejected?

This original Star Trek pilot was rejected by NBC for being “too cerebral”, “too intellectual”, “too slow”, and with “not enough action”, so they commissioned a new pilot, which later became Where No Man Has Gone Before, starring a completely different captain: one Captain James T. Kirk played by William Shatner.

How many wives has Shatner had?

‘Star Trek’ Actor William Shatner Was Married 4 Times Throughout His Career: Get to Know His Ex-Wives.

How many lovers did Captain Kirk have?

The Enterprise stud was quite the ladies man on Star Trek, breaking barriers between race and species with his liberal lips. Between 1966 and 1969, Kirk smooched 19 women in 79 episodes.