Who did the Bears lose to in 1984?


Who did the Bears lose to in 1984?

San Francisco 49ers
The Bears went on to lose in the NFC Championship Game 23–0 to the eventual Super Bowl Champion San Francisco 49ers.

Who played for Chicago Bears in 1984?


Pos Player Summary of Player Stats
Offensive Starters
QB Jim McMahon 85 for 143, 1,146 yards, 8 td, 2 int, & 39 rushes for 276 yards and 2 td
RB Walter Payton*+ 381 rushes for 1,684 yards, 11 td, & 45 catches for 368 yards and 0 td
FB Matt Suhey 124 rushes for 424 yards, 4 td, & 42 catches for 312 yards and 2 td

What were the 85 Bears called?

Led by a fearless leader, the 1985 Chicago Bears are the greatest defense in NFL history. With Mike Ditka at the helm and Buddy Ryan as the defensive coordinator, the Bears were set up to have one of the greatest runs on the defensive side of the ball, ever.

Who played for the Bears in 1985?

You can probably remember at least one thing about some of the Chicago Bears who played on the 1985 team – Walter Payton, Mike Singletary, Kevin Butler and William “Refrigerator” Perry.

What was the 85 Bears record?

The 1985 season was the Chicago Bears’ 66th in the National Football League the 16th post-season completed in the NFL, and their fourth under head coach Mike Ditka….

1985 Chicago Bears season
Home field Soldier Field
Record 15–1
Division place 1st NFC Central

Who beat the Chicago Bears in 1985?

the Miami Dolphins
This Day in Dolphins History: December 2, 1985 In maybe the most memorable Monday Night Football game in NFL history, the Miami Dolphins beat the then-unbeaten Chicago Bears 38-24 on Monday Night Football. It would be the only loss the Bears had in the 1985 season.

Have the Chicago Bears ever won a Superbowl?

On January 26, 1986, in New Orleans, Louisiana, the Chicago Bears score a Super Bowl record number of points to defeat the New England Patriots, 46-10, and win their first championship since 1963.

What made the 85 Bears defense so good?

In 1985, the Chicago Bears defense dominated nearly every opponent it faced. Running a pressure-driven scheme developed by coordinator Buddy Ryan called the “46” defense, the Bears allowed 258.4 yards and 12.4 points per game, both of which were the fewest in the NFL that season.

What happened to the 86 Bears?

The 1986 Chicago Bears season was their 67th regular season and 17th post-season completed in the National Football League. The Bears entered the season looking to repeat as Super Bowl champions, as they had won in 1985….

1986 Chicago Bears season
Head coach Mike Ditka
Home field Soldier Field
Record 14–2

How do you defend a Wing T?

The Wing-T and its pulling guards, buck sweeps, and trap plays are difficult to defend. Overload the strong side, and the offense runs weak. Play in a base Over/Under front and they will trap the defense to death or run midline down the defense’s throat. The key to any Wing-T offense is its guards.