Who bought Armstrong hardwood flooring?


Who bought Armstrong hardwood flooring?

American Industrial Partners
On November 16, 2018 Armstrong Flooring announced it would be selling its wood flooring business to American Industrial Partners, a private equity firm, for $100 million.

Is Armstrong and Bruce flooring the same?

Armstrong & Bruce Brand Flooring Armstrong and Bruce hardwood brands are grouped under Armstrong Flooring. Each brand specializes in high-quality, design focused flooring that expands through laminate, hardwood, tile and linoleum. Here’s some resources, videos and instructions to help you with your hardwood floors!

Does Armstrong make engineered hardwood floors?

Armstrong Engineered Wood Flooring | GoHardwood.com.

Is Armstrong Flooring going out of business?

Armstrong Flooring is open for business and remains firmly committed to our customers, vendors and employees as we navigate the path forward. We are confident that this definitive action puts us in the best possible position to preserve and maximize value for our stakeholders.

What happened to Armstrong wood?

AHF Products, the former Armstrong Flooring hardwood division, is being sold to a Dallas private equity firm for an undisclosed price. Paceline Equity Partners announced Wednesday it had agreed to buy AHF Products from American Industrial Partners. The deal is expected to be completed in 2022’s first quarter.

Is Armstrong flooring still in business?

Despite a squeeze on its finances, the company says workers continue to produce flooring. It confirmed it is still hiring as part of its strategy to maximize its value for a sale. It is not clear how the sale will affect workers and whether the buyer will hire them and honor Armstrong’s contracts and benefits.

Is Armstrong flooring going out of business?

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