Which Yonex string for badminton?


Which Yonex string for badminton?

If you are looking for a badminton racket string that delivers speed with durability, you can choose the Yonex Nanogy 95. With a 0.69 mm gauge, it is sturdy and robust.

Which Yonex string is best for smashing?

One of the best strings for smashing on the market right now is Yonex’s Aerosonic strings. They’re the thinnest string in the world and have incredible repulsion power.

What tension should I string my badminton racquet?

Badminton strings are usually strung between: 20-23 pounds for beginners. 24-27 pounds for intermediate and high performance players. 28-34 pounds for world class badminton players.

Which badminton string is best for sound?

BG 66 UM is a very great string, great performance for both control and powerful shot. Also almost perfect “pop” sound.

Which Yonex strings are best?

The faithful flagship string from Yonex, BG80 is the most consistent badminton string for power players. With a thicker 0.68 gauge, BG80 has offered players a simply unmatched combination of power, accuracy and durability for over a decade.

Is thinner badminton string better?

And thinner strings generate less resistance through the air, so the racket can be swung a bit faster, for more power. Both of these factors are so small, however, that few players can detect them at all. On the other hand, thicker strings are more durable, and they hold tension longer, so they can save you money.

Which color string is best for badminton?

Badminton Strings such as the Yonex BG 65 string are ideal for all-rounder badminton players. Yonex string package has color code yellow to specify the “DURABILITY”. Repulsion: If both durability & repulsion is the choice, then choose thinner strings lesser than 0.70 mm.

Does higher string tension mean more power in badminton?

A higher tension will provide more power and control only if you can consistently hit the sweet spot. The downside is that the strings will break more easily if a mis-hit occurs because of how tight the strings are being stretched.

Does badminton string color matter?

The color is added when you make nylon. The string made this way does not matter what color is , they all have same strength.

How do you pick a badminton string?

How to choose a Badminton Racket String? If you break strings on a regular basis, you need badminton strings that are slightly thicker than the average. By choosing a string model with a higher gauge, you will be able to enjoy extra durability.