Which systems have War Assets?


Which systems have War Assets?

Planet Scanning Guide

Cluster System War Asset
Crescent Nebula Tasale Wreckage – 350 fuel1
Exodus Cluster Asgard Alliance Naval Exploration Flotilla
Exodus Cluster Asgard Alliance Cruiser Shanghai
Exodus Cluster Asgard Alliance Spec Ops Team Delta

What system has no War Assets?

Valhallan Threshold (6) These clusters do not have assets or resources:

  • Annos Basin.
  • Far Rim.
  • Horsehead Nebula.
  • Kepler Verge.
  • Ninmah Cluster.
  • Perseus Veil.
  • Petra Nebula.
  • Serpent Nebula.

How many assets were in the Leviathan wars?

620 War Assets
Mass Effect 3: Leviathan features an additional 620 War Assets for the player to obtain, Mass Effect 3: Omega features an additional 405 War Assets, and Mass Effect 3: Citadel adds 70 points to the Alliance Frigate Normandy SR-2 War Asset.

Where are the assets in cacus?

Fuel, War Assets and Anomalies

System Location War Asset
Cacus Chohe Salvage: Credits 10,000
Cacus West of Xamarri (Between 4th and 5th Rings) Wreckage: Fuel 400
Antaeus Near Mass Relay Wreckage: Fuel 300
Antaeus Trebin Salvage: Credits 10,000

How do you get war assets in Mass Effect 3?

War Assets are earned by completing side-quests, selecting certain options as you play through main story missions, and by completing special jobs on the Galaxy Map. If you don’t earn at least 3100 War Assets, Shephard and his team will die on Earth in the final battle.

How do you get 7800 galactic readiness?

In order to have all the possible final choices available to you, you’ll need 7,800 War Assets. This will ensure that you have enough Galactic Readiness for the final battle. To make sure you hit this number, play through all three games and do as many quests (side quests included) as you possibly can.

What is Balor Mass Effect 3?

Prerequisite: Priority: Rannoch or Citadel: Leviathan I (Mass Effect 3) Balor is a gateway system. Its star is a red dwarf and its solar output is normally weak; however, during solar flares, its luminosity can double or triple. The system’s worlds are rich in resources.

How many War Assets do you get from Ann Bryson?

Dr. Ann Bryson: if Bryson survives without being indoctrinated, which requires a renegade path, she becomes an asset (20 War Assets) Synthdiamond Heat Sinks: scan the planet Bres in the Balor system of Caleston Rift, unlocked by the Leviathan DLC (25 War Assets)

How powerful is a balor?

Balors were able to summon hordes of dretches, other weak demons, or smaller numbers of more powerful tanar’ri. Despite their overwhelming power, many balors favored scheming and plotting rather than doing battle on the front lines.

What are the different types of War Assets in Mass Effect?

Mass Effect 3 War Assets guide – every asset listed, and their Military Strength values. 1 Alien War Assets. 2 Alliance War Assets. 3 Asari War Assets. 4 Crucible War Assets. 5 Ex-Cerberus War Assets.