Which Medici did Dustin Hoffman play?


Which Medici did Dustin Hoffman play?

Giovanni de’ Medici

Actor Character Seasons
Season 1
Dustin Hoffman Giovanni de’ Medici Main
Daniel Sharman Lorenzo de’ Medici “The Magnificent”
Bradley James Giuliano de’ Medici

What is the difference between Medici: Masters of Florence and Medici the Magnificent?

The notable difference between series is the absence of Cosimo. Medici: The Magnificent takes place after Cosimo has died, meaning Richard Madden will not be reprising his role.

Who plays Giovanni Medici?

Dustin Hoffman
The Florentine family, which spawned no fewer than three popes and two queens of France, has now got its own period drama, starring Dustin Hoffman. The Hollywood star plays Giovanni de’ Medici, the patriarch of the banking family, who, like many in the clan, came to a nasty end.

Who played Giovanni de Medici?

Giovanni de’ Medici is portrayed by Dustin Hoffman in the 2016 television series Medici: Masters of Florence.

Who plays Dustin Hoffman’s wife in Medici?

Scholey played Contessina de Medici in the television series, Medici: Masters of Florence (2016) with Dustin Hoffman and Richard Madden….

Annabel Scholey
Born 10 January 1984 Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England
Occupation Actress

What happened to Richard Madden in Medici?

Why is Richard Madden not in Medici season 2? Richard Madden is not in Medici season two because the drama has taken a time jump between series one (titled Masters of Florence) and the new run (The Magnificent).

How many children did Giovanni de Medici have?

He is a member of the Signoria of Florence and aims to be the only leader in the town. He is married with Piccarda de’ Medici and has got two sons: Lorenzo and Cosimo.