Which is better MITS or UIT RGPV?


Which is better MITS or UIT RGPV?

MITS Gwalior is a far better college in Madhya Pradesh….Which is better for CS : MITS Gwalior or UIT RGPV Bhopal?

Categories MITS Gwalior UIT RGPV Bhopal
Placement rate 70-80% 85%
Highest package INR 14 LPA INR 8.4 LPA
Average package INR 4-6 LPA INR 3.8 LPA

Is RGPV Government or private?

Rajiv Gandhi Proudyogiki Vishwavidyalaya

Other names State Technological University of Madhya Pradesh
Type Public
Established 1998
Affiliation UGC, NAAC
Chancellor Governor of Madhya Pradesh

Who is the director of RGPV?

University Institute of Technology RGPV

Former names Government Engineering College (1986–1988)
Established 1986
Director Dr.Sudhir Singh Bhadauria
Undergraduates 2400
Location , Bhopal , Madhya Pradesh , India23.312126°N 77.361903°E

Which university is better Davv or RGPV?

UIT RGPV is the best college in Bhopal, providing 60-70% placements in the CSE department. The college offers the best infrastructure with top-notch faculties. IET DAVV is one of the top engineering colleges in Indore. The total strength of faculties in this institute is 85 qualified members.

Which is better LNCT Bhopal or MITs Gwalior?

It’s difficult to say which one is much good because when it comes to placements LNCT has now become the best college of Bhopal for placement especially it’s main campus is given more priority. But for NON-IT sectors placements is a bit struggling. But MITs is the government college with less fees than LNCT.

Is Rgpv autonomous?

In 1998 the Government of Madhya Pradesh declared this Institute autonomous and named it as Bhopal Engineering College. This Institute was renamed University Institute of Technology-RGPV (Technological University of the State of Madhya Pradesh) w.e.f. from July 2002 by an order of Govt.

Is RGPV a good university?

It is a good campus with green… Good infrastructure, better placements and best private college in Madhya Pradesh. Placements: 95 percent of our students get placed. The highest package offered in computer Science engineering is 20 Lacs by VMWare.

Who is vice chancellor of RGPV?

Sunil Kumar GuptaRajiv Gandhi Proudyogiki Vishwavidyalaya / Vice-chancellor

Who is the registrar of RGPV?

R.S. Rajput
Dr. Sunil Kumar Gupta

Designation Name Email ID
Registrar Prof. (Dr.) R.S. Rajput [email protected]

What is Utd in RGPV?

University Teaching Departments (UTDs and UIT) UIT – RGPV/GEC/BEC.

Is RGPV a government college?

This Institute was renamed University Institute of Technology-RGPV (Technological University of the State of Madhya Pradesh) w.e.f. from July 2002 by an order of Govt. of Madhya Pradesh. It is currently known as University Institute of Technology-RGPV, Bhopal or UIT-RGPV.

Who is exam controller of RGPV?

1 Dr. Sunil Kumar Gupta Vice-Chancellor
2 Prof. (Dr.) R.S. Rajput Registrar
3 Dr. Prashant Kumar Jain Controller (Exams)

How many universities are there in Bhopal?

Universities in Bhopal district, their affiliated colleges and their contact details. In Bhopal 13 universities are found and their details with affiliated colleges. All these Universities are recognised and approved by ‘University Grants Commision (UGC)’.

Which city is education hub of India?

Delhi. The capital of India is the second-highest populous city after Mumbai. It is one of the most popular Educational hubs in India for students in terms of education. Moreover, the capital city of India is home to various institutes technical universities such as IIT Delhi, NSIT, NIT Delhi, and DTU.

How many university are there in Bhopal?