Which cereals have the most sugar UK?


Which cereals have the most sugar UK?

Ten most sugary cereals (grams of sugar per 100g)

  • Sainsbury’s Honey Nut Corn Flakes (36.3g)
  • Kellogg’s Crunchy Nut (35g)
  • Kellogg’s Coco Pops (35g)
  • Sainsbury’s Choco Rice Pops (35g)
  • The Co-operative Choco Rice Crispies (35g)
  • Essential Waitrose Choco Pops (35g)
  • (Lidl) Crownfield Choco Rice (34.2g)

Which cereal has the highest sugar content?

What’s the sugariest cereal of them all? According to the Environmental Working Group, it’s Kellogg’s Honey Smacks. The cereal is described as “sweetened puffed wheat cereal,” which doesn’t quite let on to the fact that 55.6 percent of the stuff is sugar.

How much sugar does Weetabix have?

Each Weetabix contains one hundredth of a teaspoon of salt (0.05g), 0.8% of the FSA’s suggested daily salt intake. A two biscuit serving of Weetabix contains less than half a teaspoon of sugar (1.7g). Each Weetabix contains less than a fifth of a teaspoon of sugar (0.9g).

How much sugar is in a bowl of Frosties?

Per Serving

100g 35g
of which are sugars 37g 13g
FIBRE 2.0g 0.7g
PROTEIN 4.5g 1.6g

Are Coco Pops full of sugar?

On it’s own with milk, 30g of Krispies is already 9g of sugar, so if you’re kids are adding even more sugar on top of this, you’re right to be cautious of this cereal!…

Cereal % of Daily Allowance
Frosted Shreddies 58.75
Kellogs Coco Pops Rocks 58.75
Tesco Pillows With Milk Chocolate Filling 57.75

Is Rice Krispies high in sugar?

Are Rice Krispies High in Sugar? Rice Krispies have 4 grams of sugar per serving (1 1/2 cups or 40g). This is twice the sugar of Cheerios, and around the same amount as Corn Flakes or Special K. Rice Krispies have only one-third of the sugar found in Frosted Flakes or Froot Loops.

Does Weetabix turn to sugar?

Fibre is important for gut health and some can help towards lowering cholesterol. Some cereals also contain vitamins and minerals such as iron, vitamin D, and B vitamins such as folic acid….Weetabix.

Per 100g Per 2 biscuit serving
Sugar 4.4 1.7
Fat 2.0 0.8
Saturated fat 0.6 0.2
Salt 0.28 0.1

Are cornflakes high in sugar?

3. Cornflakes, though are low in fat, owing to their high sugar content help build up fat storage. Thus, consumption of this processed food paves way for many health problems such as obesity, poor cardiac health, PCOD -all of which are way too damaging for diabetics.

Which UK cereal has the least sugar?

Nestle Bitesize Shredded Wheat Verdict: With just 0.7g of sugar in 100g it has the lowest sugar content by far, compared to the other cereals. Plus it’s really filling, you get some of your wholegrain for the day and it’s just over £2 from Asda – what a healthy cereal bargain!

Is porridge or Weetabix better for you?

CHOOSE to start your day wisely – as some “healthy” cereals have far more salt than their breakfast rivals. Porridge and Weetabix contain up to 10 times more fibre and just a fraction of the salt and sugar in other best-sellers.