Where was the cover for Rubber Soul Shot?


Where was the cover for Rubber Soul Shot?

The cover photograph for Rubber Soul was taken in Weybridge by Robert Freeman, who had first worked with The Beatles on the cover of ‘With The Beatles’ in 1963.

What is different about the cover of Rubber Soul?

The front cover photograph of Rubber Soul was again taken by Robert Freeman but the way the faces appear slightly distorted on the sleeve was a result on a happy accident while the image was being projected. It is also interesting to note that the group’s name is absent from the front of the sleeve.

Who designed the cover for Rubber Soul?

The cover photograph for Rubber Soul was taken by Robert Freeman, who had first worked with The Beatles on the cover of With The Beatles in August 1963. The album cover is another example of our branching out: the stretched photo. That was actually one of those little exciting random things that happen.

What was the original cover of The Beatles White album?

Original copies had the band’s name blind embossed on a white background and were numbered. The album features 30 songs, 19 of which were written during March and April 1968 at a Transcendental Meditation course in Rishikesh, India.

How much is Rubber Soul vinyl worth?

RUBBER SOUL (Parlophone PCS 3075) 1965 $590 It was spelled perfectly fine on the sleeve! So, if you own an original U.K. pressing, take a look at the label, because you never know…

How was the Rubber Soul cover made?

Back in London Freeman set up an album-sized piece of cardboard on a chair to project his slides of the session onto, and the cardboard slid to create the elongated faces. And there was the cover for Rubber Soul. “I liked the way we got our faces to be longer on the album cover,” Harrison said for the Anthology.

Why is it called a Rubber Soul?

‘Rubber Soul’ is a punningly-titled album and it takes its name from a reference Paul McCartney heard from a man in the United States referring to Mick Jagger and The Rolling Stones as “good, but plastic soul”. McCartney says that this was “the germ of ‘Rubber Soul'”.

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What is the size of the Beatles Rubber Soul wallpaper?

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How many weeks did Rubber Soul stay on the charts?

The US “Rubber Soul” album reached # 1 in early January 1966 and stayed there for six weeks during an initial chart run of 51 weeks.

Why did the Beatles include a sitar in Rubber Soul?

The inclusion of a sitar on the song Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown) also illustrated George’s growing interest in Indian music and culture. Rubber Soul was also the last Beatles album for which Norman Smith manned the control desk.