Where was Paul Walker born?


Where was Paul Walker born?

Glendale, CAPaul Walker / Place of birth

When was Paul Walker death?

November 30, 2013Paul Walker / Date of death

Who is Paul Walker daughter?

Meadow Rain WalkerPaul Walker / Daughter

Who killed Dom’s dad?

Kenny Linder
In The Fast and the Furious, Dominic’s volatile temper stems from a painful incident during his teenage years, when his father, a stock car racer, was killed in a race after a driver named Kenny Linder accidentally sent him to the wall at 120 mph.

Is Paul Walker really dead?

Paul William Walker died 30 November, 2013, in a ghastly car accident while riding alongside bestie Roger Rodas, who was in control of his newly acquired Porsche Carrera GT. Roger [the car owner] was said to be a “collector” of fast rides with over 50 items resting in his garage. Both friends were out for a Sunday evening drive around town.

What caused the death of Paul Walker?

Paul Walker’s cause of death was revealed by the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office on Wednesday (Dec. 4). The 40-year-old actor, who was in the passenger side of the Porsche Carrera GT, died of the combined effects of traumatic and thermal injuries, according to CNN. Roger Rodas, his friend and the driver, died of multiple traumatic injuries.

Was Paul Walker driving when he died?

Paul was just 40 when he died. The Porsche he was travelling in crashed into a concrete lamp post and tree at high speed before catching fire, killing him and his friend Roger Rodas, who was driving. The actor passed away from the combined effects of trauma and burns, leaving his family and film co-stars bereft.

What ethnicity is Paul Walker?

Paul Walker was an American actor famous for his starring role in ‘The Fast and the Furious’ franchise. This biography of Paul Walker provides detailed information about his childhood, life, achievements, works & timeline