Where was elmley Castle in England?


Where was elmley Castle in England?

Elmley Castle is a village and civil parish in Worcestershire, in England, United Kingdom. It is located on the north side of Bredon Hill 3 miles south east of Pershore in the local government district of Wychavon.

What was there before elmley castle?

Elmley Castle consists of the remains of an eleventh century ringwork fortification super-imposed upon the site of a former Iron Age hillfort.

Where is Bredon Hill?

Bredon Hill is a hill in Worcestershire, England, south-west of Evesham in the Vale of Evesham. The summit of the hill is in the parish of Kemerton, and it extends over parts of eight other parishes (listed below).

Who built elmley castle?

Robert le Despenser d’Abetot
The castle is believed to have been built by Robert le Despenser d’Abetot, Steward to King William II. Robert died childless in about 1098, when his sole heir was his brother Urse d’Abetot ( c.

Who built Exeter Castle Gatehouse?

There are still extensive remains of the boundary walls of the castle enclosure and early towers to East and West. Exeter Castle in its glory in the Middle Ages. The first building worthy of the name of castle is recorded to have been built by King Athelstan, and is said to have been destroyed by the Danes in 1003.

Where do you park to walk up Bredon Hill?

Great views across the vale of Evesham and beyond, best on a clear day. Good parking in Elmley Castle either on the road or a small car park opposite the cricket ground, well sign posted routes.

What is Bredon Tower?

Bredon Tower is an eyecatcher erected within the Iron Age fort on Bredon Hill by Mr. Parson of Kemerton Court in the late 18th century.

What type of castle is elmley castle?

timber castle
Elmley Castle was a late 11th-century earthwork and timber castle which received stone additions in the 12th and possibly 13th centuries, located 0.5 miles (0.8 km) south of the village of Elmley Castle and 12 miles (19 km) southeast of the city of Worcester, in Worcestershire. Nothing but the earthworks survive.

Who built Castle Acre?

William I de Warenne
Castle Acre Castle was begun in the 1070s by William I de Warenne, a close associate of William the Conqueror who had fought at the Battle of Hastings. His descendants held Castle Acre until 1347 and several were major political and military figures.

How high is Bredon Hill?

981′Bredon Hill / Elevation

How long does it take to climb Bredon Hill?

A great walk. Park in the village and do the circle walk, takes about 2 hours great views for the top.

What happened Castle Acre?

After almost a thousand years of development, England’s monasteries – then about 800 in number – were wiped out in the later 1530s during Henry VIII’s Suppression of the Monasteries. At Castle Acre the deed of surrender was signed on 22 November 1537 by the prior, Thomas Malling, and ten monks.

How many monks lived in Castle Acre Priory?

The priory was home to some 20 to 30 monks. The nave of the church is one of the oldest parts of the ruin.

Who lived in Castle Acre?

Founded by the Warenne family soon after the Norman Conquest, for almost 450 years Castle Acre Priory in Norfolk was the home and workplace of monks and their servants, a refuge for pilgrims, and a stopping point for royalty, clergy and nobility.

Why Is Castle Acre Priory in ruins?

The Priory survived until 1537, when it became one of many monasteries to be dissolved by Henry VIII. Its monks were likely pensioned off, and its church almost immediately demolished.