Where is The Simpsons power plant based on?


Where is The Simpsons power plant based on?

Portland, Oregon
The design and folly of Springfield Nuclear Power Plant is often rumored to be based on the real life Trojan Nuclear Power Plant near Matt Groening’s home town of Portland, Oregon, or the Hanford Site in southeastern Washington.

Who owns the nuclear plant in The Simpsons?

Burns, is a recurring character and antagonist in the animated television series The Simpsons, voiced initially by Christopher Collins, and currently by Harry Shearer. He is the evil, devious, greedy, and wealthy owner of the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant and, by extension, Homer Simpson’s boss.

Who works at Springfield Nuclear Plant?

The Springfield Nuclear Power Plant is a two-unit pressurized water reactor nuclear power plant in Springfield owned by Charles Montgomery Burns. Among the plant’s employees are Homer Simpson, Lenny Leonard, and Carl Carlson, and Burns’ assistant Waylon Smithers.

Where is Springfield in real life?

Matt Groening has revealed the location of the real-life home of The Simpsons. Ay Caramba! Simpsons creator Matt Groening has revealed the location of the real Springfield: It’s in Oregon. In an interview with Smithsonian magazine, posted online Tuesday, Groening credits the name to the hit TV show Father Knows Best.

What does Marge stand in line all night to buy on Black Friday?

Plot. After Thanksgiving dinner, Bart and Lisa give Marge and Homer their Christmas lists, asking for only one present: a smart TV that costs $2,400. Seeing a commercial for a Black Friday sale at the Sprawl-Mart, Marge and Homer plan a strategy to take advantage of it.

Who is Mr. Burns based off of?

In the TV Guide story, former Simpsons supervising director David Silverman reveals the inspiration for the Burns’ look. It’s based on Barry Diller, who was running Fox Broadcasting when The Simpsons debuted on the network in 1989. Burns’ body language is modeled on a praying mantis.

Is Mr. Burns 81 or 104?

He is occasionally referred to as “Springfield’s oldest resident”; in Season 2’s “Simpson and Delilah”, he told Homer that he is 81, although, in several later episodes, he is shown to be 104.

Why didnt Marge get 9k TV?

History[edit] Bart and Lisa wanted one for Christmas so Marge went to Sprawl-Mart on Black Friday to get one in a sale. However, she decided to help Gil Gunderson get a Futon Friend and couldn’t get a TV in time, which disappointed Bart and Lisa.

What does Homer do to make Marge feel better about not getting the TV for Christmas?

Homer agrees with Marge’s plan, and calls their TV dumb. Later that night, Marge and Homer devise a plan; Marge leaves for Sprawl Mart, getting them a good place in line, and Homer will sleep until 3:00 AM when he’s well-rested to relieve Marge.