Where is the secret passage on Valley of Bowser 2?


Where is the secret passage on Valley of Bowser 2?

The second part of the level is a large maze of dirt. Before the maze entrance, there is a hidden power-up at the top left part of the level, and it provides the player with a Super Mushroom or a Cape Feather….Valley of Bowser 2.

Game Super Mario World
Time limit 400 seconds
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How do you get the key in World 7 in Super Mario World?

At the very end of the yellow platform there should be just enough sticking out for you to stand and not get crushed. When the platform reaches the highest point, you will be able to jump over the roof to the left and run to the left to find the key.

How do I get to the donut Secret 2?

Donut Secret 2, also referred to as Donut Underground, is the second secret Donut Plains level in Super Mario World, accessible via Warp Pipes after completing Donut Secret House, located atop a cliff overlooking the Valley of Bowser. It takes place inside a slippery ice cave, with many hazardous pits to fall into.

Why Super Mario World is the best?

While Super Mario World is a phenomenal game in just about every respect, there is one thing it is lacking, a challenge. Thanks to the save feature, the almost perfect control, Yoshi, and some other quality of life additions that were added to the game, Super Mario World is overall a rather easy game.

What happens when you beat special world in Super Mario?

What do you get for beating the last level of the Special Zone, Funky? In the original Super Nintendo version, clearing Funky will change the overworld map to an autumn setting. Koopa Troopas and shells become masks of Mario, Piranha Plants are now pumpkin plants, and Bullet Bills turn into Pidgit Bills.

Is there a secret exit in Yoshi’s house in Super Mario World?

Yoshi’s House consists of only the one screen. It is one of only two levels in which there is a “Side Exit Enabled” sprite and smoke poopoo subadibving super style goal (the other is Top Secret Area), and for that matter, it is the only level to contain the Yoshi’s House object and the little bird sprites.