Where is the best surf in Noosa?


Where is the best surf in Noosa?

Surf’s Up: The Best Surf Spots in Noosa

  • First Point. It’s all in the name.
  • Tea Tree Bay (Noosa National Park)
  • Granite Bay (Noosa National Park)
  • Sunshine Beach.
  • Double Island Point.
  • Alexandria Bay (Noosa National Park)
  • Any of these spots are worth a trip just for a little peace of mind and sand between the toes.

Is the surf good at Noosa?

The Noosa ‘Points’ are famous for waves that consistently break in the same speed and line – with long rocky points and sandy bottoms and 100m breaks – making these some of the best point breaks in the world.

Is there surf at Noosa?

One of only 10 World Surfing Reserves and with five world-class point breaks, Noosa’s surf sites are also blessed with the backdrop of beautiful coastal national park.

Is Noosa Main Beach closed?

#Noosa Main Beach is closed…

Can you surf at Noosa North Shore?

Your morning greeted with long glassy conditions and surfers running to get amongst some of the best surf anywhere in the world. Surfing at Noosa starts at Sunshine Beach and continues right around the coastline of the national park and onto the North shore; a distance of approximately 12 km.

Can you surf at Little Cove Noosa?

Little Cove Great spot to learn to surf, very scenic. Average height 1-3ft. This absolutely stunning cove is a great beach to visit even if you arnt into surfing, the water here is supurb and the trees and sweeping cove makes for some beautiful hang outs.

Are there crocodiles in Noosa River?

The Noosa Everglades is one of only 2 Everglades in the world-the other one is in Florida. Australia’s Noosa Everglades is the only one in the world you can kayak as there are no crocodiles.

Is Noosa Main Beach patrolled?

As we mentioned, this is a beach that has the perfect conditions for swimming and therefore is one of the most popular beaches in the area for those looking to take a dip in this ocean. The beach is patrolled by lifeguards every day of the year and so can be enjoyed whenever the urge takes you.

Do you need a permit for Noosa North Shore?

On Noosa North Shore, from the first beach cutting drive south along the beach towards the Noosa River. Do not drive into the vehicle exclusion area north of the first cutting or at the southern end of the beach near the Noosa River estuary. A vehicle access permit must be purchased.

Is Sunshine beach good for surfing?

Located in Noosa, Sunshine Beach is a stylish town with boutiques, cafes and restaurants. A 5 minute drive from Noosa Heads, Sunshine is located on the Southern side of the Noosa National Park. The beach is patrolled year round with excellent surfing banks either side of the flags.

What is the surf like in Noosa in July?

The best time of year for surfing Noosa – Sunshine Beach with consistent clean waves (rideable swell with light / offshore winds) is during Winter and most often the month of July. Clean surfable waves are typically found 26% of the time in July while 49% of the time it tends to be blown out.

Is Little Cove beach patrolled?

(Just be aware that the beach is not patrolled by Surf Lifesavers). Snorkel amongst the fish and turtles. Bring your longboard and get the hang of surfing before you venture out to Noosa’s famous break points. The waves here are around 0.5 of a metre so this is a fantastic place to learn to surf.

Are there snakes in Noosa?

“Tree snakes are also very common throughout the day. The most common venomous snake towards Noosa are red belly black snakes. In surrounding areas such as Cooroy, brown snakes can be found and I recommend that if you see a brown snake to stay calm and still and I will come and get it straight away.

Is it safe to swim at Noosa Main Beach at?

You can definitely swim at the beach in Noosa. Noosa Heads Main Beach is the safest for the whole family thanks to its north-facing direction, gentle surf, and lifeguard patrols.

What is the best surf beach on the Sunshine Coast?

The best Sunshine Coast beaches offer surf, sand and sun, three ingredients every summer getaway needs to encompass….

  1. Tea Tree Bay, Noosa.
  2. Marcoola Beach.
  3. Kings Beach, Caloundra.
  4. Moffat Beach.
  5. Alexandria Bay, Noosa.
  6. Mudjimba Beach.
  7. Coolum Beach.
  8. Main Beach, Noosa.

What is the best surfing beach in Australia?

The 8 Best Surfing Beaches in Australia

  • Crescent Head, NSW. Natural Feature.
  • Gold Coast, QLD. Natural Feature.
  • Northern Beaches, NSW. Natural Feature.
  • The Pass at Byron Bay, NSW. Natural Feature.
  • Noosa Heads, QLD. Natural Feature.
  • Prevelly Bay, WA. Natural Feature.
  • Treachery Beach, NSW. Natural Feature.
  • Bells Beach, VIC.

Where can I surf for beginners in Noosa?

First Point – Noosa Main Beach Located at the far end of Noosa Main Beach next to the National Park, it has smaller waves that are great for newbies wanting to learn to surf. This area offers quality right-hand waves and the best point breaks for beginners on a smaller swell. Here you can cruise a ride of 50 – 200m!