Where does the term bells and whistles come from?


Where does the term bells and whistles come from?

The term bells and whistles may have come from the various bells and whistles used as signals on locomotives, especially describing model trains and whether or not they came with “all the bells and whistles.” However, some believe that the idiom is derived from ornate organs at circuses or fairs.

What does the phrase bells and whistles mean?

Definition of bells and whistles : items or features that are useful or decorative but not essential : frills.

What is another way to say bells and whistles?

In this page you can discover 7 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for bells and whistles, like: features, frills, frills and furbelows, gimcrackery, gimmickry, glitz and superaddition.

When should you use bells and whistles?

You can call special features of something bells and whistles if they are not necessary parts of something, but are added to make the thing more attractive or interesting.

What is gone belly up?

Definition of go belly-up informal. : to fail completely The team went belly-up in the play-offs. The business went belly-up during the long recession.

What does taking a back seat mean?

Definition of take a back seat : to have or assume a secondary position or status : to be or become less important, active, or powerful Howard loved directing “more than I even thought I would,” and his acting career has taken a back seat ever since. —

Where did the phrase till the cows come home?

The expression was in use during the 19th century, with an example appearing in print in 1829, in a British newspaper called The Times: “If the Duke will but do what he unquestionably can do, and propose a Catholic Bill with securities, he may be Minister, as they say in Scotland ‘until the cows come home. ‘”

How do you use bells and whistles in a sentence?

(idiomatic) Extra features added for show rather than function; fancy additions or features. His new car has all the bells and whistles, but it doesn’t move through traffic jams any faster. The bells and whistles do not impress me. I need a new phone, but I don’t want all those fancy bells and whistles on it!

What do you call a car with all the bells and whistles?

The 2021 Toyota RAV4 Limited with All the Bells and Whistles | Kendall Toyota of Bend.

What cars have all the bells and whistles?

The 2018 Toyota Avalon Touring mid-premium sedan is my kind of car. It’s Toyota’s flagship sedan, which means all the bells and whistles – it’s a virtual Lexus in disguise.

What does it mean to give someone the AXE?

to dismiss
Definition of give (someone) the ax informal. : to dismiss (someone) from a job : to fire (someone) His boss gave him the ax.

What does works like a charm mean?

work very well
Definition of work like a charm : to produce a desired result very easily and effectively : to work very well The cleaning fluid worked like a charm on the carpet stain.

What is like a bear with a sore head meaning?

be in a bad mood
informal (US also like a (real) bear) to be in a bad mood that causes you to treat other people badly and complain a lot: You’re like a bear with a sore head this morning.

What is birds of a feather meaning?

of the same kind or nature
Definition of of a feather : of the same kind or nature : very much alike —usually used in the phrase birds of a feather Those two guys are birds of a feather. Note: The expression birds of a feather flock together means that people who are alike tend to do things together.

Where did the phrase miss the boat come from?

The idiom “missed the boat” was once used in a very literal way and is believed to have originated from British English sea slang. As such, the saying referred to arriving too late to take a scheduled voyage by boat as this was the main form of transportation in former times.

What does just a penny for your thoughts mean?

The simplest meaning for “a penny for your thoughts” is: “What’s on your mind?” or “Tell me what you are thinking,” especially when someone looks pensive, or they haven’t said very much and have been quiet for a while about a specific topic.

How do you use best of both worlds in a sentence?

: all the advantages of two different situations and none of the disadvantages I have the best of both worlds—a wonderful family and a great job.

What SUV has the most bells and whistles?

If you want to get into a Land Rover on the cheap, the Discovery Sport is the vehicle to buy. It comes with most of the bells and whistles that Land Rover owners have come to love and expect, including all-wheel drive, a superb infotainment system and optional towing package.

What SUV has all the bells and whistles?

The 2022 Hyundai Santa Fe has many interior features that will keep your vehicle looking and feeling new for longer. The vehicle has all the bells and whistles that you are looking for from the technology built into the seating offered. Which automaker is the 2021 Best SUV Brand according to U.S. News & World Report?

What does as sharp as a tack mean?

Mentally acute
Mentally acute. For example, She’s very witty—she’s sharp as a tack. These similes are also used literally to mean “having a keen cutting edge” and have largely replaced the earlier sharp as a needle or thorn. The first dates from about 1900, the variant from the mid-1800s.