Where do H&M clothes come from?


Where do H&M clothes come from?

China: main clothing supplier As seen in the present graph, China, Bangladesh and India are top three locations where H&M sources its products. This is also true for. In Sweden, where the retailer is headquartered, there are a total of 21 suppliers and factories manufacturing H&M’s clothing products and accessories.

Is H & M Chinese company?

Swedish retail giant Hennes & Mauritz AB is trying to answer that question by asking another: How did it become a target in the first place? H&M’s decision to stop using cotton from China’s contentious Xinjiang region provoked a furious social-media reaction in early 2021.

Is H&M English or American?

H & M Hennes & Mauritz AB (abbreviated H&M) is a multinational clothing company based in Sweden.

Why H&M is closed in China?

The world’s second-largest fast-fashion retailer quietly closed its first flagship store in mainland China, continuing its retreat after the Xinjiang Cotton controversy.

Where is Zara originally from?

A Coruña, SpainZara / Place founded
Zara is a Spanish clothing retailer based in Galicia, Spain. Founded by Amancio Ortega in 1975, it is the flagship chain store of the Inditex group, the world’s largest apparel retailer.

Where is Uniqlo from?

Ube, Yamaguchi, JapanUniqlo / Place founded
UNIQLO is a clothing apparel company, which was originally founded in Yamaguchi, Japan in 1949 as a textiles manufacturer. Now it is a global brand with over 1000 stores around the world. Redefining clothing, with a focus on quality and textiles which has been unwavered since the company’s origins in 1949.

What does China import the most?

China’s Top 10 Imports

  • Electrical machinery, equipment: US$604.5 billion (24.8% of total imports)
  • Mineral fuels including oil: $357.7 billion (14.7%)
  • Ores, slag, ash: $254.6 billion (10.4%)
  • Machinery including computers: $210.9 billion (8.6%)
  • Optical, technical, medical apparatus: $99.7 billion (4.1%)