Where Did You Sleep Last Night Nirvana instruments?


Where Did You Sleep Last Night Nirvana instruments?

Where Did You Sleep Last Night?

Title: Where Did You Sleep Last Night?
Instruments: Voice, range: E4-B5 Piano Guitar
Scorings: Piano/Vocal/Guitar
Original Published Key: E Major
Product Type: Musicnotes

Who originally wrote Where Did You Sleep Last Night?

Lead BellyWhere Did You Sleep Last Night? / ComposerHuddie William Ledbetter, better known by the stage name Lead Belly, was an American folk and blues musician
and songwriter notable for his strong vocals, virtuosity on the twelve-string guitar, and Wikipedia

When did Leadbelly write Where did you sleep last night?

The first officially released version by Nirvana was recorded during the band’s MTV Unplugged appearance, on November 18, 1993, at Sony Music Studios in New York City….Mark Lanegan/Nirvana.

“Where Did You Sleep Last Night”
Studio Sony Music Studios in New York City
Length 5:08
Label DGC Records
Songwriter(s) Lead Belly

How do you ask how did you sleep?

They often ask each other how they slept and how they’re feeling.

  1. Good morning.
  2. I hope you had a good night’s sleep.
  3. I hope you got some good rest.
  4. Did you sleep well?
  5. Did you get a good night’s sleep?
  6. I slept well, how about you?
  7. How did you sleep?
  8. Did you have any dreams?

When did Lead Belly write Where Did You Sleep Last Night?

In 1944, in New York, Lead Belly records the first of at least a half-dozen versions of “In the Pines,” which he most often calls “Where Did You Sleep Last Night,” or “Black Girl,” or “Black Gal.”

Who originally wrote Black Betty?

Lead BellyBlack Betty / Lyricist

Where is Lead Belly’s grave?

Shiloh Baptist Church
In 1949, at the age of 61, Lead Belly would lose his life to Lou Gehrig’s disease. His body was brought back to Mooringsport, Louisiana and buried at Shiloh Baptist Church.

What songs did Lead Belly sing?

Bring Me a Little Water, SylvieWhere Did You Sleep Last Night?IreneThere Is a Man Going Around Ta…Good Morning BluesIn New Orleans
Lead Belly/Songs

How do I ask a girl if she sleeps well?

How did you sleep last night meaning?

Usually the question “How did you sleep today?” is about the quality of the sleeping or about the position of the sleeping? In other words, if I read or hear “how did you sleep last night”, what should I understand? phrase-meaning.